Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays!!!















Between September thru January – it is crazy town here for birthdays, anniversaries & holidays!!!! I am combining a bunch of bdays on this one post!

Well, another bites the dust! 🙂 The oldest grandson turns 18!!!!! That is 2 grandchildren now 18!!!! Where did the time fly!!!! I remember when he was a baby!!!! He has turned into a great young man!

Middle stepdaughter has a 9/11 birthday which is always tough but we all have to just live & enjoy without forgetting! She is over 40 now. Wait!!! I am stepmom to kids over 40!!! :O

One of the younger grandkids has a bday coming up but I am covering everything here. He will be 9. He is a crack-up!!!! His mind works differently. We were talking about 1 hour photo places when we were in Idaho & he wanted to know why it took so long to take a picture! 🙂

AND my niece turned 35 at the beginning of September!!! I wish I lived closer cause she manages the best bakery restaurant!!! 🙂 Also due to get married next year!

CRAP, all these kids are making me OLD!!! 🙂

I am just throwing in a bunch of old pics below just for fun – all mixed up!!!!! 🙂







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  1. So beautiful family! Precious 💕 Happy Birthday to all 🎉💐💕😍😘💕


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