It is HAPPY BDAY Time Again!
























YUP! Another of the grandkids has a bday! With 9 of them now, well, pretty much broke all year long with that & the holidays! 🙂 How does time fly by so quickly!!! This kid loves his skateboard so sharing some fun  pics above!!! That ramp is in their backyard!!!!!

I miss getting to celebrate with all the kids out-of-state but we hope to have a family reunion in August & that will be awesome!!!!!!

WHO REMEMBERS THIS PIC A FEW YEARS BACK?? People loved it!!! YUP, that is my natural hair but it takes so much work to tame it. It is like a brillo pad untamed! 🙂








I know I have not been on here much. Hope everyone is having a great start to the summer!!!!



  1. Thank you for posting this tribute to Sawyer! Look the pics of you and him from a few years ago. Too cute. Today he has his BFF over to play games then we are headed to Chick Fil A for lunch (and to see Sydney!) Then the movies tonight. Talk soon! Thanks again 🙂


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