Happy Father’s Day!





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Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, the moms that have to be dads & anyone out there that is stepping in to be a dad to needed children of any age!!! I know many out there that did not have a dad so we have to show love to all!

The first pic above – I shared last year and is one of the many many reasons I love my hubby so much. He is all about everyone else first – me, the kids, the grandkids! I wish he would put himself first sometimes but it is just not in him. His whole family is like that!  I am also showing some pics of my dad that you have seen before but I always share because I love & miss him so much!

Of course we miss my hubby’s dad so much. We just lost him not too long ago.






Here are some other dad’s in the family with him

FamilyTimeLindaKeith May14 2016

I saw this quote below in my Facebook memories feed & had to share because this describes my hubby, my dad, my father-in-law & really all the dads in this family.


Here are some more pics that just show my hubby’s loving nature!


Syd Bobby
























Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend & father’s day! I know many have lost their dad’s like me so sending LOVE!!!!!



  1. Great pics! You always do a fantastic collage. Hope you had a lot of fun with dad (Bobby) today. See ya soon!! 😍


  2. Your hubby is a good man for sure! He was there for me when I needed help! 🙂


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