Giveaway Winner & Beauty Product for the Face Update


Last week I posted a great giveaway for products from one of my favorite companies, NuNaturals. LOVE their products & the people that work & run the company! I also posted recipes for protein cookies! AND, Don’t forget about the special discount on NuNatural products in celebration of Earth Day in collaboration with Earth Day Network. Check out that post for all the info & Earth Day events including The March for Science!







I have picked the 4 winners!!! I will be tagging them on my Instagram page tomorrow. Check it out to see if you won!


Now on my face. If you recall I wrote about a L’Oreal product a while back that I LOVED!!! I am still using it. I am still loving it!

Read my post for more details…. BUT I MUST TELL YOU THAT I WENT OUT FOR A COUPLE ERRANDS YESTERDAY WITHOUT MAKE-UP! I KNOW! Anyway, I had a gift certificate & I was picking up product from Nordstrom’s to try out – something I have not used before – will let you know my thoughts once I use it. 🙂 As I chatted with the young woman, I mentioned that I can’t believe I was out there without make-up. WELL, SHE JUST NATURALLY ADDED THAT SHE THOUGHT MY SKIN WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! WHAT!!!??? I was shocked & you could tell she was not just saying it.. it just sort of came out. I told her my age & she was shocked as well! Made me feel great & needed these days when I am pretty rough on myself.

I have written a lot about the issues with my skin due to age & hormones BUT in the post link above, I did say how that product was really helping me AND DID NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN ALL THOSE HAIRS OVER EVERY INCH OF MY FACE, EYELIDS, NOSE, NECK, CHIN DUE TO AGE HORMONES.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know it is still working for me!!!!

Any questions, let me know!!!



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  1. Friggin’ adore NuNaturals! If you can believe it, I have been consuming their products for… 16 years!!!!! NUTS right?! 😮


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