I Cannot Believe She is 18!


SydBaby SydneyUnicorn SydneyBday2013Unicorn 

I am at ExpoWest today & this weekend so MIA but I could not let my oldest grandchild & oldest granddaughter’s birthday go unnoticed!!!! SHE IS 18!!!!!

How did we get from the cutest little baby to 18 and she is such an amazing young woman!!!! YES, we gave her that unicorn for her 1st bday and she still has it!!!!

SydneyJodyBaby Sydneycake

SydneyJodywater SydneyToyStory
















I am so proud of her and I hope she continues to be the strong woman she is right now!



  1. Thank you so much for posting this awesome tribute to my dear Sydney. You found some amazing pics to cover her childhood. She is very fortunate to have a good (and fit!) grandma like you!


  2. It’s sooooo insane to think about this! my sister’s kid is 1.5… And now I am thinking about when she is going to be 18 – GAH! okay, must stop that thinking – it’s scary! LOL!


  3. You certainly have a wonderful family, Jody!!


  4. Aww happy 18th! What a beautiful young lady. And oh my how time flies.


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