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As you all know, I have always preached CONSISTENCY as a MUST for long-term weight loss success. I have seen many come & go & come from my gyms – people I have seen for 20+++ years. Those without consistency unfortunately come back heavier AND it gets harder to lose as we age.


Below is a little bit of my story but just a tip of the iceberg as they say. In the pics above, you see that one on the top right – that is when I started to gain my weight as a child. Below that is me in junior high. It is hard to see since I am sitting but I was overweight & gained more before I lost.

Once upon a time there was a girl who saw herself as fat. She decided to lose weight. She lost that weight but then kept on losing. She got too thin although she could not see it. Years later, the pictures showed it but she did not see that in the mirror then. Unfortunately I can’t find the pictures from when I was 15 but this story is true – it was me.

Once upon a time there was a girl who lost weight. She started in the gym in her early 20’s. Loved the weights but did cardio too. She ate only salads & avoided fats of any kind – healthy or not EXCEPT on treat day. She did not eat enough protein. She never wanted to get fat again. The memories of teasing haunted her. That young lady was me.

Once upon a time there was a young woman who did not want to ever get fat again. She exercised 7 days a week & would not take a day off. It took years for her to understand the importance of rest days. Yes, ME but I was a lucky one! I did not get injured BUT I read constantly online about people who get injured from overuse injuries. They refuse to take days off. I guess I was lucky because I was a stickler for form but lucky is the operative word here! I also was doing 5K’s then. My knees started to bother me so I stopped racing & just ran for cardio workouts. Honestly I never fell in love with running or racing so it was not hard to stop the racing BUT I still “run” today for some of my cardio.

Once upon a time there was a young woman who started lifting more. A gym buddy said she had the genetics for bodybuilding. He believed in her. She started to learn to eat better. Eat more but more of the healthy fats & healthy carbs & healthy protein. She learned that eating was not the enemy!

Once upon a time this story was & is way more complicated than the above BUT it is definitely a tough journey to lose & maintain for life! Maintenance may be harder than the losing for most. The link is to my GoFundMe page as I try to fulfill my dreams of writing my book & all my life lessons.

AGAIN, ONE THING I CAN TELL YOU FROM FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE IS TOO MUCH EXERCISE AND TOO LITTLE FOOD CAN BACKFIRE! Of course it will be detailed more in my book when I have there is plenty of time to tell the good bad and ugly!

Honestly, there are few of us out there that have been at it for so long. The underlying feelings through all the years of life. All the mistakes and missteps and how it feels years later –> and then years and years later–> and then years and years and years later like now for me…. We can lose weight but the mental behind it is complicated & how we feel about it & ourselves along the way can be complicated.







This above was the time in my life that really started defining who I was inside my own head & it just got worse from there.

Yes, we read certain things but is that the truth or is it a story…. that is the question. I’m sorry but in my humble opinion – IT IS NOT SIMPLE! People want to say it is but it is NOT for a majority.. otherwise we would not see such a high percentage of people gaining it back.

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  1. I guess I’m lucky that while I’ve been consistent in exercising my whole life, I’ve never been ambitious enough to do “too much.” Not that I don’t have injuries, but they seem to be more quirks of my physiology than intense over use. But I do know how FRUSTRATING it is to be sidelined and wait to heal.

    So glad you’re such a healthy role model for people who would be tempted to overdo it for the wrong reasons!


    1. Hey Jan!!! I wish I had been less ambitious at times! 🙂 I have quirks as well with my feet & stuff & age sucks too! 🙂 I am thankful for still being able to do things even though it is not what I once was…

      I keep subscribing to your blog but I don’t get the emails for some reason so I have to remember to just go over & visit!!!


  2. I’ve been pretty good at balancing my intake with my exercise level. Maybe it’s something I learned over time. I think we can exercise every day, but don’t overdo it every day. I don’t do the same every day, and if I’m tired, I do less, but I always try to do something.

    However, if I want to lose weight, I don’t use exercise to get it done, that gets done by eating fewer calories.


    1. You definitely are good at figuring out you Dr. J!!! I think I have learned over time as well but I am one that does more in a day so I need those days off & quite honestly I like having days off. 🙂 To each their own as we say!

      We both know food is key!


  3. I so wish you lived closer. You have so much wisdom! I would love to just sit down and pick your brain. Oh yeah, and workout with you too!


    1. Likewise Megan! So many friends to far away!!!! We all have different things to bring to the table!!!!


  4. You and I suffer from the same story. But now…. I exercise a crap ton and eat a crap ton! LOL!


    1. We know that GiGi!!!! 🙂 I can’t eat a crap ton though & never could but more than others for my age & sex.. cause I do what I do… AGe is sticking it to me though & makes me eat less & I don’t like it!!! 🙂


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