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know that all of you know this – YOU DO KNOW THIS!!! I have written about it many many times! Of course I still have my CONSISTENCY & PATIENCE words – VERY IMPORTANT – but the below is one I see too much on social media!

I always write that what works for me doesn’t always work for you. It may not work for you but I DO FEEL STRONGLY ABOUT THIS!


I know there are many out there that still use the cheat word. They have their cheat day or cheat meal or cheat whatever.

My personal opinion is that cheat has the connotation that you are doing something wrong – the you are doing a bad thing – cheating on your diet or food program. The meaning can actually play with your mind & do more harm than good.

Of course for some – it is just semantics & it doesn’t bother them – especially people at it a long time. I do feel that newbies or even people that have been at it a while and are still struggling, cheat is not a good word to use for a treat.

I HAVE BEEN AT THIS FOR MANY MANY YEARS – AS I ALWAYS SAY, DINOSAURS ROAMED THE EARTH! 🙂 I have things I will not reveal here because I want them as part of my book, but let’s just say I know this semantics fight well!!!!

MY OPINION IS THAT YOU WORK HARD TO BE HEALTHY & FIT & LIVE A HEALTHY LIFE.  A fun day OR a special no calorie counting meal OR a cookie or 2 or 3 🙂 OR an ice cream OR donut OR whatever it is you are TREATING yourself to is NOT a bad thing!

Your thoughts?

BTW – Happy birthday to my son-in-law!!!! Yesterday was his bday. He is a pretty funny guy on Instagram – quite the joker! Hope he had a good one! He teased me with a big ole cookie he had for his bday!!! Lucky for him he is out of state or I would have taken him down for it! 🙂 He is joking in this pic BTW – he is not mean!



  1. consistency.
    and these days joy.
    I need the latter to find the former and the former makes ALL THINGS MORE SMOOOOTH here.



    1. You so know I am all about consistency & patience too Carla – but definitely need joy too! Working too hard at this is no fun with joy!


  2. Great article! Thank you!
    Moderation… Life is all about finding a balance… And I am all black or all white. So hard to me to find it.. But, that’s life. And it’s beautiful.😘❤


    1. Mirijana – it took me years & years to find balance. As in the post, I mentioned I was saving some things for my book. It can drive us nuts to be so strict! xoxoxoxo


  3. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said here, Jody. So often terms such as “clean eating” “cheat meal/day” are being used. I don’t believe that having a treat is a harmful thing. A couple cookies, no big deal. A bag of cookies, damage will be done. I’m not for this all or nothing life. This rigid type of thinking does so much harm.


    1. YES! It is all about moderation & not going in for it all every day! 🙂 As I mentioned, I am saving some stories for my book but that all or nothing took me down when I was younger! xoxoxo


  4. You are such a great example of working your cookies into your weekly meals (and I know that you tweak things all the time and work hard at fitting them in.)

    And I agree that words do matter. When I started my blog eight years ago everyone was talking about “cheats,” and one of my early posts was about a cheat meal. I got a HUGE response from people who were bothered by the word. I hadn’t really thought about it and was surprised by the strong response. But after thinking about it, it did make sense. Treat is such a healthier way to think about a treat! 🙂


    1. Thank you Andrea!! I do know that you get this & you work hard too!! It is a constant evaluation all thru life! xoxo


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