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I have written so many times about the issues that started with my knees a couple of years ago. Search my website but HERE is just one of them! 🙂  One day I was fine and the next day I was not. It was to a point when I could not sit without pain when my knees were bent. I would have to get on the floor & stretch them out straight to relieve the pain but I still had pain. Walking down the stairs was very painful. I had to walk sideways down stairs. Now, I don’t even think about it… all is good!

My workouts were suffering. It was hard to run. My leg day was painful & I had to modify it extensively to get through it. Lunges were out. Lying leg curls hurt. Squatting hurt.

I did these things:

  1. As my long time readers know, I wear Hoka OneOne running shoes so thankful for those but this was beyond that. I have worn them for many many many years! I had an issue start with the front foot pads on the balls of my feet & I thought I would never walk without pain again. It was to a point when the hubby had to leave me off in front of stores. These shoes gave me my life & exercise life back. It took about 7 months before I wore anything but them BUT I was able to wear regular shoes again. For cardio, long walks & long standing, I always wear my Hokas! I was able to switch to other shoes for my leg day! In the pictures above, I have the Hokas on for the treadmill but I wear flatter shoes for my leg day weights. I still don’t go super flat because my goal is long term & I want those fat pads on the balls of my feet to last now that they are better!
  2.  I added in knee supports – my Incrediwear ones (I wear their amazing socks too) AND I my Rehband ones. I doubled up at first – the older first picture above. Right now with all I am doing, I only wear the Incrediwear for weight lifting again. I switch up the Rehband and the Incrediwear ones for running. I wear the Rehband on my longer gym treadmill workout which has heavy duty fast HIIT as well as hill jogging. I wear them for my my outside run too. I wear the Incrediwear ones on my 40-45 minute shorter gym treadmill workout but I also add in hill walking & sidestepping on that one. I wear the Incrediwear for weight training now BUT sometimes I switch it up OR if I want to go heavy heavy, I wear both to be safe. I am happy!
  3.  I finally started taking Joint Vibrance from Vibrant Health. It made such a huge difference! I had tried all the Consumer Reports best buy ones & none of them worked. With Joint Vibrance, the pain was minimized & I could run & lift & sit again without pain. If you want to try it and SAVE 20% on it or ANY of their products, enter truth2beingfit as your discount code at checkout OR click on the banner on my website & use that code.
  4.  A while after this, I received a sample of NuNaturals Collagen. I already use all their amazing stevia & some of their other baking products. I added the collagen to my morning coffee each morning. After just a week or 2, I was feeling even better! My knees continued to feel better & better. I could do more, lift heavier, run better – it was amazing! I am hooked & not going off Collagen period! 

BTW, I received a care package from NuNaturals. I have been following them for over 10 years now so I get a care package now & then. I also will be working with them on a cool thing for the environment in April – stay tuned!!! ANYWAY, for those that use their amazing Cocoa syrup which is beyond good, they now have 2 new ones – Vanilla & Ginger! OMG, so great! You must try! I tried both in coffee BUT that Ginger one would be great for tea lovers! PLUS, I am about to try them in recipes, my oatmeal & more!

   5. I also started to use some essential oils balms from an Instagram friend. I have written about them before – HERE is my first post. I honestly make sure I never run out! Not only do they help in my workouts but at home with muscle soreness, tight muscles, bruises & more!


They have added in Roller bottle versions of these balms too for on the go OR you may just prefer the roll-on versus balms. The roll-on ones are more concentrated.

They have soaps that I am testing out right now (Campfire Coffee & Neptune Salt) but I can tell you my hubby tried the Peppermint Pine with Tea Tree Oil & loved it!

In addition, they have quite a few beard products for you men as well. Please check him out! Veteran owned, made in the USA in small batches so they are fresh & not sitting on the shelf for long periods of time. This is why you will see out of stock on his site. He is SMALL right now but plan ahead & buy ahead so you don’t run out!


I can honestly say that my knees are feeling so great right now. The above has made a 100% increase for the better!


***ALSO, if you have not seen, I have a GoFundMe campaign. I am hoping to write a book about all my weight loss experience from 14 years old to now – the good bad & ugly! Things you have never heard from me! If you can contribute OR  JUST know contacts to share with, I would really appreciate it. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE & FOR THOSE THAT HAVE ALREADY SHARED!!!!***

Let me know if you have any questions about the products above. I am one happy camper with my knees right now!




  1. That’s great news, Jody!!! I had a problem with a Morton’s Neuroma in my foot that was misery for years, but I found a way to treat it myself without surgery or injections, and now like you, I am pain free! I didn’t think it would ever get better, but it did 🙂


    1. I remember DR. J!!!!! Are you still wearing Hokas?


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