She’s Turning 2 but Going on 5!



Happy birthday 2 to the little one!!!! I can’t believe how time flew by. I am sure most of you remember when I first posted about the pregnancy & the birth. Above is her mom before she entered the world and her 1st birthday fun! The bday one was an IG post so I threw in some cookie pics too! 🙂

You have seen many fun posts & videos along the way. Now she is 2! It was hard which pics to choose cause soooooooooooooo many! 🙂

NOT in chronological order!





























































































And now we have another little brother for her to spoil!






Special times – the best times! I will post her birthday party pics another time. Party this weekend!!!!




  1. It is absolutely INSANE how fast kids grow! When I was in Asia, I was watching my sister’s baby and was thinking back to when I met it a year and a half ago… It was a blob of nothing. But now she says my name and she learned Landon’s name… And screams the F word ALL the time… And calls her dad, Josh, which is hysterical! I can only imagine what she will be like when she’s 15, 25, 30! YIKES! hahaha!


    1. Time flies so fast GiGi! I can’t even comprehend that I will be 60 this year!!! xoxo


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