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A while back, I was part of a Vibrant Nation campaign to try the new L’Oreal paris AGE RENEWAL CELL RENEWAL – Rosy Tone Cream.

Let me first say that I had yet to find a moisturizer that did not clog all those crazy hairs on my face that come with age & the hormone change. I am being HONEST!!!! I have hair on every inch of my face, eyelids, nose, neck chin, mustache area AND it keeps multiplying with every year! OMG! Craziness!

I have had issues since 50 trying to find something that did not break me out so I was very very scared to try this BUT I was curious.

TO MY SURPRISE, this product has NOT clogged my pores at all and in fact has cleared up issues on my face and really made it look better without any make-up or foundation!!!!!! IT ALSO HAS A SCENT! I know that matters to many. I personally prefer unscented but I got use to it PLUS been so long since I found a moisturizer that worked for me!

The instructions say to use in the morning but I use morning & night without any issues! I have been using this since December 15th with NO problems!!!

I had a lot of cystic type issues on my face due to clogged pores at the hair follicles. This is pretty much gone now! I have just a VERY LITTE bit of powder on in the pic below. I did not use any filter or fix it when I took it. The lighting in there probably helped but this is NOT edited!

I know each face is different BUT FROM ONE THAT HAS FOUND NOTHING THAT DID NOT CLOG UP ALL THOSE AGE RELATED HAIRS ON MY FACE, THIS IS A WINNER AND IT MAKES MY SKIN LOOK MUCH BETTER! I think it even helps the bags & lines under my eyes when they are not watering from allergies & dry eye! ๐Ÿ™‚

I highly recommend trying it if you have issues. Just make sure you can return it if it does not work for you.



  1. Sounds like you found a cream that works well for you! I have to be careful with breakouts, so this is something to keep in mind!


    1. It has been many years since I used one due to all the hair issues on my face Andrea. Not a fan of scent but it has worked really well for me.


  2. I’ll keep this in mind for my patients, thanks!


  3. My skin is so so so sensitive that I am so scared to use other products than what I have been using for the past 16 years! Ha! My skin has expensive taste though, UGH!!


    1. GiGi, my skin is SUPER sensitive so that was why I was so surprised this works for me. Everything breaks me out – even stuff made for sensitive skin! ๐Ÿ™‚


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