Here Comes 2017! What Will Be Your Defining Actions?








I posted the above on Facebook & Facebook and Instagram. My goals for 2017!


In so many ways I am thrilled to be done with 2016. It was a hard year emotionally & mentally yet a wonderful year in so many ways.


We had the thrill of our 9th grandchild enter the world.


















We had a lot of great times with family. And we missed family not here. I am not including pics of those no longer on this earth. Too hard for me right now.


































































It was a hard ending for sure with the election – for me personally. I am concerned for our country & people & planet with this President-Elect. I know some are not but I am extremely concerned for the future with him in charge. I will continue to fight for what I believe & post on Facebook so if you don’t like that, you may want to unfriend me. 🙂

I have some personal plans for my 2017 that I will write about at another time.


I just want to say how thankful I am for all those I have met here on social media! It really can be a drain & a double edged sword at times but I have met so many amazing people who care so much so..

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR & be safe & happy & may laughter & smiles warm your day & night into 2017!

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  1. Happy New Year!

    I couldn’t agree more about the horrifying election, and I lost a few readers and got a couple of nasty emails when I posted about it. But we can’t just be “nice” and normalize an appalling situation. I don’t think the comparisons to the rise of Hitler are that far off.

    But it’s great to see your fighting spirit, and can’t wait to find out what’s up on the personal front! And you look strong and amazing, always such an inspiration.


    1. So great to hear from you! I just got a post from you yesterday but none before that. I am VERY VERY VERY SCARED of Trump!!!! Read the comment after yours from a woman that said some scary stuff about Trump supporters. I am scared they are normalizing him & not holding him to standards of others. He is a bully & retaliates so people are scared & media too. They have to hold him accountable or we will!!!!


  2. Your spam control just ate my comment… I’ll try again…

    I love all the photos of the happy times in 2016. It’s so important not to forget that there is lots to appreciate and be thankful for in these difficult times…

    I’m also quite concerned about the effects the President-elect will have on this country, the world and the health of this planet. I haven’t been able to sleep well since the election. I feel so powerless as it seems almost impossible to reason with people who support him. I have minority students who are Trump supporters, and in conversations with them it becomes more and more apparent that people often make up their minds at some point and don’t consider any additional facts. In fact, facts (what someone says, the documented relationships/business dealings, conflicts of interests, etc.) don’t seem to matter at all anymore and are quickly and easily dismissed… I think just a short while ago no one (and least not me) would have thought that this is where we’ll be in 2017…

    I think what’s important in such difficult times is to try to continue to focus and be thankful for the good in our lives every day. It can be so hard to do, but I think it’s essential. I hope you’ll have many happy moments in 2017, Jody!


    1. What you wrote scares me so much Andrea!!! People are not fact checking & doing due diligence! As I said below, I am scared they are normalizing him & not holding him to standards of others. He is a bully & retaliates so people are scared & media too. They have to hold him accountable or we will!!!! I find it hard to even stop thinking about the next 4 years!!! HUGS!!!!!!!


  3. I’m so sorry for the American people right now, as president-elect Trump prepares to be sworn in. I still can’t believe this is happening. Hopefully some good comes out of it. His wife seems to have taken on certain causes, such as cyber bullying. I just don’t know what to say….
    I hope 2017 brings you much love, joy, peace, health and prosperity!


    1. I am definitely scared! He has appointed the most conservative cabinet AND the House & Senate as well is that way – take people’s rights away, their way or the highway, kill the planet – very scary!!!!! He is a narcissistic Ahole that needs attention 24/7. AND HE LIES & takes credit for things he does not do. If our media does not stand up to him since people are afraid of his retaliation & bullying, we are screwed. I know the left groups here are going to watch him like a hawk!

      HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. All the best for 2017 Scorpio sister!!!

    I do suggest, however, that you just let go of the election results, It is what it is, and fighting that will do no good. We always have a president that approximately half the people don’t like. Put you energy into better things than that.


    1. Dr. J – silence never accomplishes anything & does not help solve the issues of this new administration. I will continue to fight him & his lies. I think my energy here & other places too is a good thing. We can’t let the Republicans keep control for sake of people & the planet.


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