5 Tips for Better Fitness in your 50s; Happy Bday















Hi Everyone! I bet you did not expect to hear from me so soon! 🙂 First things firstyesterday was my mother-in-law’s bday. We miss her so much!!!! Definitely a strong woman ahead of her times!

 NOW —-> Before I made my blogging decision, I told the wonderful Pamela over at Thrive Personal Fitness that I would guest post for her. I did guest post once before there – Fitness in Your 50’s. What No One Tells You.

Pamela is a fantastic trainer & especially for the 40 and over crowd so check out all her information HERE.

Today I am over there guest posting about how working out now is different from in my later 30’s. Spoiler alert – A LOT especially since I was lifting to get bigger & compete in my later 30’s!

Hope you are all well! Let me know how you are doing & if there is anything new & exciting in your life!



  1. I will definitely be checking out that blog. Your mother in law was so lovely.


    1. Thank you Charlotte!!!!!!


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