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Last Wednesday I wrote a post on these amazing products above. Please click the link to read about them. They do NOT correct degenerative issues like my knees but they do help me feel better! Read on later in the post for what I use to help with my knees. I have written about that product many times!

I wanted to update you that this small company did get their website up. Check it out HERE. It is a Veteran owned company. They were having a promotion that if you bought a gym pack, you were entered into a drawing for some awesome products. Only 40 of these were being sold so… good chance to win BUT it may have sold out. Check & see.

SO…. Again ….

The pre-workout balm warms the muscles before you work out but do NOT skip your normal pre warm-up too! I do dynamic stretching before my cardio & during it. I also warm up before weightlifting. This balm helps you work out & keeps the muscles warm. I used it on my outside run last Sunday & with my gym workouts.

The post workout balm is not just for DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. As I mentioned last week, it helps overused muscles, joints, arthritis, headaches, sore neck and back, reduces inflammation and bruising. It also works well on insect bites and people have said that they put it on the bottoms of their feet before bed and they sleep like babies. Which is great for recovery and gains.

I am loving these products so far!!!! I do not want to run out! 🙂

NOW – FOR MY JOINT REHAB JUICE – Joint Vibrance as you all know! I have written about it many many times. Read the previous post link. I take it every morn! My last post was HERE. I use this for my knees but it works for all joints. I was not even able to sit comfortably with my knees bent before I started taking this product. They make a pet formula too! I wrote all about this HERE along with a couple new gut & body formulas to help you feel great!








IF YOU GO DIRECTLY TO THE Vibrant Health SITE, USE MY DISCOUNT CODE truth2beingfit at checkout for 20% off all products!

My sidebar also has a link to 20% off ALL of their products by using that discount code, BUYGREEN! 

I use everything I promote here. I do get a LITTLE money for the Vibrant Health products, little being the operative word! 🙂 I would never promote something I do not use myself!!! I do NOT get anything for the TRB EDC products sold.

I hope this helps some of you because all of the above help me!!!!



  1. hmmmmm
    I may need to try this too.
    Right now for now my joints are GOOD (thanks to yoga? I have no idea) but Im all about the preventative care.


    1. I love all these products Carla!


  2. I certainly agree that it’s better to use our bodies than just sit around. Because of this, we will get sore at times and with aging. If something helps you with that, I’m all for it!


  3. I’m all about joint care! So sharing with my husband. Thanks Jody!


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