Gratitude Monday Birthdays















Oldest grandson








Someone may be a Ducks hockey fan!








BALANCE IN LIFE! They were out of town & no In-N-Out Burger where they live so 🙂







With her beautiful daughter & my oldest granddaughter.


I have not posted on a Monday in a while & most likely will not anymore. I don’t typically have the time Sunday to finish up a post for Monday so I might just not for now.

BUT – today I have to share family birthdays!!!! Wanted to say a very happy bday to my grandson & also my middle stepdaughter who celebrated their birthdays over the weekend. Unfortunately for my stepdaughter, hers is on 9/11 which makes it tough. But I say never let that stop us from living & enjoying & smiling!!! It does not mean we forgot them. It means we beat the enemy!

I so wish we could be with them to celebrate but they are out of state. Miss & love you all!!!


  1. Happy, happy Birthday to your grandson and stepdaughter!

    Have a good week, Jody!


  2. Man, I know some crazy IN n OUT fans and I am not sure whattttt makes it so special! ha!


    1. Me either GiGi! Hubby loves it!


  3. Oh the infamous In n Out Burger! I partook of it when I was in Vegas. Not sure what the fuss is about. Cheers to the birthday peeps!


    1. My hubbt loves it but I don’t eat them so…. 🙂


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