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A quick post because I am just starting to test these TRB EDC products for an Instagram friend, captnlance. The company on Instagram is trb_edc. They are also on Facebook! The name stands for – TapRackBang EveryDayCare products help you maintain the 7Ps – Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Life is a battle. Plan Properly. I LOVE THAT!!!!!


There are 3 products:

Kill The WOD pre-workout balm – I used this yesterday for my 65 minutes treadmill cardio & weights after that. I even used my knee supports half of the run & the rolled them down the other half. With them rolled down I still did HIIT & hill jogging. I felt no knee pain! You will feel it heat up like no tomorrow and with the supports on even more. It will be your decision how you want to use it. I was fine both with & without the knee supports. After this hard-core workout, sometimes I do feel my knees a bit when I get home. My knees felt great when I got home!









Better Not Bitter (BNB) balm (original and scented for her) – this is not just for after workout help (see below) although it works great after too! After my shower, I put it on my knees & calves and my joints felt so great!

Sometimes later in the day if I use my knees too much OR sit too much, I feel them. I tested this yesterday. I put the BNB on them & felt relief!

These products are all natural. The base or carrier oil used is organic extra virgin, unrefined, expeller pressed Coconut oil. It is infused with a blend of select herbs and essential oils.

BNB is a fast and effective pain reliever, it works on sore overused muscles, joints, arthritis, headaches, sore neck and back, reduces inflammation and bruising. It also works well on insect bites and people have said that they put it on the bottoms of their feet before bed and they sleep like babies. Which is great for recovery and gains. My hubby put this on a bruise of his Monday & asked me for more of it yesterday!

Kill The WOD is a pre-workout balm that has some heat to it. You may only feel little to no heat when you first put it on. It is body heat/ activity activated. Like the BNB balm it has pain inhibitor properties as well as Vasodilation properties to increase blood and oxygen flow to the areas applied. After you work out KTW slowly cools back  helping your muscles stay warm and loose and aids your body’s natural recovery process. TRUTH! It gradually warmed up & got pretty darn warm for me under my knee supports but I was fine. Even with the supports rolled down, it stayed warm & then gradually cooled as I was finishing up my total workout.


I am obviously just starting to test it out but based on my first couple days, I am loving it! When I first got it 2 days ago, I used it for my home core & stretching routine. Man, it helped the stretching!




ONE MORE THING – Lance was trying to start this company last summer before his mom got cancer. He had to delay it while he took care of her.. SO, Veteran & caregiver!!!!

PLEASE CHECK HIM OUT! Right now you have to DM him at @trb_edc to order. He is working on a website/online store that will be up hopefully soon. The sticks are $12.50 and tins are $22.50. SHIPPING IS INCLUDED FOR CONTINENTAL US. REMEMBER, ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS, no chemicals. This is a small company & start up right now.

For me just 2 days in, working! I will be testing till they run out & I have Leg Day coming up Thursday! 

If you decide to try it, please let Lance know you heard about it through me! Maybe he will let me help him market it! 🙂




  1. What are the ingredients? It sounds like Capsaicin.

    My concern is this. Just because something is blocking the pain it does not mean it is preventing the damage.


    1. Dr. J – I did not say it prevents damage – it is for relief. I have tried bengay & bengay type products for muscle pain & such with no relief.


      1. I never said you said that, I was expressing my concern. Athletes take local anesthetic shots and they can perform, until they can’t.


        1. This is just to help people with sore muscles etc. Yes, I know people do what they do but these products are great for DOMS & to warm up muscles for workouts, crossfit etc. We can’t stop people from doing what they are going to do but we can help with sore muscles & achy muscles along with the other things the products help with. I know your concerns Dr. J 🙂


  2. I am so intrigued by this stuff!! And um, it could fun to rub on a certain someone!? BAHH HA HA HA! This comment just got X-RATED pretty quickly!


    1. GiGi, I love your x rated mind!!!!! This is a small start up but I am really liking the products so far!


  3. Lol! Oh Gigi, you kill me 😂.

    This product looks like it may work for my mom. She has knee pain and restless leg syndrome. Her doctor recommend rubbing the area with a balm before bed.


    1. I think it would Charlotte. They just launched their website!


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