Don’t Believe What THEY Tell You about Weight Loss! I AM a WeightLoss Expert!






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I am a weight loss expert! Heck, everyone calls themselves an expert at something so this is my new title in hopes of getting attention from all the social media platforms! Who wants to interview me? Are you brave enough to put me on mainstream media to tell the truth?

Harvey Levin & the TMZ crew that bash women & idolize celebrities that have done nothing (OK,not all but a lot) to get this attention but be stupid, are you listening? Also, women are forced into being way too thin to make it in Hollywood and get roles. The idolization of this is crazy. Muscles are much nicer AND healthier! You are going to need muscles to support bone health & that body as you age! Yes, I know it makes you money but come on! STOP bashing older women too! You have no idea how hard it is as we age! Harvey – at your age, you should know better! At 58, I am probably in better shape than almost all the men & women in your room! Let’s see them all as they age!


SO, I AM A LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS EXPERT! I lost my weight 40+ years ago! I have kept if off & improved over the years! I made it thru perimenopause to menopause! I pull NO punches. I tell it like it is AND I KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO LOSE WEIGHT & KEEP IT OFF FOR LIFE!

I have had a lot of different looks over the years. As many of you know, I was a heavy kid. I lost about 35-40 pounds in high school. I never gained it all back but I did struggle with how to keep it off & the healthiest/best way to do it FOR ME! As you can see in that crazy college pic (second to last row in the brown outfit) – I struggled! 🙂

I wrote THIS POST a while back about the crap we get thru all social media & media channels on weight loss. I am on a mission to try to change things before I die! Yup, I said that! 🙂

Below a pic of a typical magazine cover. There is great content in them BUT it is the covers and article titles and often the false hopes that this is “THE ONE WEIGHT LOSS SECRET” that will work for you stories that drive me crazy!

AND sexy abs everywhere!!! YES, I KNOW IT SELLS but women & men need to know the truth! It is the food you put in your mouth that will reveal the abs! Exercise helps but you will not see them if you don’t eat to reveal them which means lower body fat! PLUS CAN WE SAY Photoshop!

Also many of the magazines – not shown here toouse these celebs that do not have a clue! The may have trainers & chefs. They gain & lose & gain & lose. They get paid by weight loss companies!






Magazines and social media and TV shows and morning shows give people the false idea that it is easier than it is AND they keep showing a new “the way to lose weight”. Dr. Oz is famous for this – or at least he was since I stopped watching him years ago! Every episode had a new weight loss expert or a new weight loss way to eat or a new weight loss supplement! HOLY CRAP! No wonder people did not know how to lose weight & went broke at the same time buying all the crap he talked about on his show! HE IS NOT ALONE THOUGH!


Are you ready for it? HERE IT IS!

1.Find what works for you in food & exercise!

2. Learn to adapt with age, life changes, body changes & just changes in general.

3Again, there are many ways to work out. Find what you like & do it or mix it up BUT YOU MUST BE CONSISTENT! Going on & off it is not going to work long term. Never give up but STICK WITH IT! If you fall off, get back at it right away! If you get bored, try something else! If you get injured, find something to do that works around it – ask your doctor & you may have to tighten up on the food as you recoup.


5. PATIENCE!!! OMG, you have to have patience! Results are not seen overnight!

6. You CAN’T out train a bad food program! You can eat way more calories than you burn off! AND, it is way harder to lose the weight than to gain it!

7. Maintenance is as hard as losing it if not harder! We want to go back to eating the way we did before losing the weight. It does NOT work that way!

8. How to eat – DON”T DIET! Find a food program that works for you. There is NO MIRACLE DIET! You can eat Paleo or Whole 30 or low carb or high carb or high fat or Zone diet type stats (30%protein, 30% fat, 40% certain carbs) or any combination of the above. You can take a program diet & modify it for what works for you. All that matters is that it works for you & you can live with it day in & day out without going bat crazy & binge eating or quitting because you hate your “diet” so much. You will most likely change it & tweak it over time. I did as life, my body & my goals changed as I aged. Flow with it!

9. FIND BALANCE IN LIFE! You are not going to get fat having a treat now & then or a fun meal or going on vacation for a few days & enjoying yourself. Just get back to it afterwards! AND JUST FOR ME – I NEVER EVER USE THE CHEAT WORD. I THINK IT IS THE WRONG CONNOTATION. I don’t have cheat meals or a cheat treat! I treat myself not cheat myself.

10. BE KIND TO YOURSELF!!!! YOU ARE ENOUGH! Listening to the media & reading all the crap out there can really wear us down. Looking at all the perfect bodies & the Photoshopped bodies & fixed up pictures can make us feel bad about ourselves. I know this first hand! It is an illusion! You are fine just the way you are right now!

Have you stopped reading yet? 🙂

If you can help me at all get to mainstream talk shows or any media outlet – please help me! THANK YOU!

I do get on my soapbox but I really want to change this! We have young young girls with eating disorders already. I have young granddaughters already worrying about looks & diet & boys need to like them. WE NEED TO CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF THIS DISCUSSION!




  1. This is so true, Jody. Abs, and muscles, are 80% diet, 20% exercise. Like many others, I put in the physical work but need help when it comes to nutrition. Sadly, 95% of so-called exercise gurus out there know very little about nutrition. I’ve tried working with 5, and all 5 provided me with cookie cutter “meal plans” that I could have so easily just lifted from the internet. There was no thought given to the process, no thought given to my personal medical/health history. My gender. My fitness goals. Nothing. It’s sad, really. All the exercise regimes they sell out there, and nothing constructive about what we put into our mouths. Perhaps you could start doing this 🙂 I know I would benefit greatly from your experience given that I’m going through peri-menopause myself xoxo


    1. Sheela, so sorry for all you have been thru!! I know a couple really good online trainers if you are interested in working with an online coach!


      1. I am!!! Both of mine moved. The first is a competitive bodybuilder and he’s now in Colorado. The second is a competitive MMA fighter and he’s in Austin.


    Now you have me longing for you to have a RADIO SHOW.
    Or even a podcast???


    1. Maybe we should do it together Carla since I am clueless how to do it! 🙂


  3. Yes, you sure are a weight loss expert & such an inspiration when it comes to consistency, doing what works for you, and finding a way to treat yourself without guilt. I always appreciate your honesty! It is not easy to lose weight and even harder to keep it off long term I think, especially as we age. But you show that it can be done and your social media posts remind me daily to get my exercise (which is quite different from yours) done!


    1. Andrea, I know how you found what worked for you too!!! You know it!!! xoxo


  4. Preach girlfriend! Every body is different and what works for you may not work for me. My 50 year old body is not going to react the same to a 25 year old, so those “cookie cutter” plans aren’t going to work for everyone! and by the way, if you want to do an interview – I’d be glad to have you on GFN!


    1. Hi Lori!!!! We know the truth!!! 🙂 If you ever want an interview, let me know! xoxoxo


  5. Wow. I loved your pictorial journey. You are definitely living proof that strength training is the fountain of youth and NOT quick fixes for flat abs, etc. I never buy those “health” magazines now . I love all the tips you touch on.
    I’m sharing ASAP!


    1. THank you so much Charlotte!!!! You know it – no quick fixes!


  6. What is great story Jody! It is so good . Read this! I know it’s the truth an I always tell everyone this same story…here I the Netherlands we have t same problem, do wanna know how many PT are walking around the making o on social media wit their great stories 🙁 people always tell me ” here here says I ca eat everything ” and most of the time I stopped explaining the true story behind it. I’ve bee there and I done it all . I was craving teenager, but noting helpt for longterm… the moment I became aware of everything what’s important to lose weight 40 Kg , starting to get balance in my life…I was such a eye opener. It helped me with my deciees and brought me so much more, that I wished I made that decision many years ago. But it’s never t late! Now I am happy fit an healthy and when I look at you, you are such a great inspiration I hope the media Wil pick up your great words and give you the space in their program. XoXoXoXo


    1. I am late to responding Sandra! Sorry! Like you, less on social media these days. You are really an inspiration & definitely a beast in the gym. Love all your food posts too!!!!!


  7. Well you obviously have learned what works for you and the life you want to lead. Unfortunately most have not, and the world of dieting is not going to help them find it.

    Jessica Simpson won the genetic lottery for looks. She doesn’t look bad in that photo to me unless I am missing something. It’s the claims that magazines make that bothers me the most. Like many things, educating young people for what to watch out for is the best course of action.


    1. True about the world of dieting Dr. J!

      On Jessica Simpson – I know you don’t follow this stuff – but most likely photoshopped AND she has been paid to lose weight with weight loss programs. One she did not even complete. Claims & more claims out there.


  8. Muscles on a woman are quite possibly the sexiest thing ever. I am obsessing over my new found muscles now that I am lifting more weights – it’s so motivating to keep AT IT!!!! Here here! You tell em Jody!


    1. Muscles are beautiful!!!! You always look fantastic GiGi!


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