Short of time to Work Out, Try This! Also Teeth/Gum Help, Joint Health







I shared this video on Instagram and Facebook yesterday. This is what I wrote with it:

SHORT ON TIME & ONLY HAVE 30 MINUTES OR JUST WANT TO UP YOUR GAME? Try this. This is a great way to get a workout in even when you are short of time.  Less than 30 minutes – still so it. Shorten your cardio intervals & maybe up their intensity a bit if you can & do the resistance in between.

Do 2-5 minute bursts of higher intensity intervals on cardio of choice OR jump rope OR pick different cardio options throughout the workout. Stop & do 2-3 weight lifting sets. Back to cardio. Then weights. Keep doing for 20-30 minutes or whatever time you have. You can also head to a machine at the gym & come back to do your cardio option on the same or different machine.

I’M JUST SHOWING SOME OPTIONS with my video. My form is rushed to keep to 1 minute for Instagram. YOU use good form!

Do all of 1 body part per set but wanted to show you that you can use weight plates, bands, dumbbells, machines or bodyweight like all my other HIIT & cardio options.

HOME PEOPLE – You can bring resistance bands on a run or walk OR use body weight to do resistance work. At home you can jump rope or do high intensity knee lifting in between resistance work.


On Teeth/Gum Health, I want to remind you of my love of Essential Oxygen

As you know, I have used nothing else but the Brushing Rinse to brush my teeth since Expo West. I also use their Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for so many things including laundry. See how your teeth like it for the Organic Brushing Rinse OR you can use that just as a mouthwash too. The Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide has so many uses from cleaning to laundry to keeping fresh flowers longer to washing and soaking your grains, seeds, and legumes to cleaning and cooking animal protein like raw chicken or salmon. Check out the videos on their Facebook page.

Want to try them out? Check out my discount!

On the joints, just a reminder of my love of Vibrant Health products. I use their Joint Vibrance exclusively for my knees but it works for all joints. I was not even able to sit comfortably with my knees bent before I started taking this product. They make a pet formula too! I wrote all about this HERE along with a couple new gut & body formulas to help you feel great! My sidebar has the link to 20% off ALL of their products by using the discount code! I use everything I promote here. I am not just doing this because I get a little money – LITTLE being the operative word! 🙂 I would never promote something I do not use myself!!!
Hope you all had a wonderful July 4th if you celebrate!!!!


  1. You know you have me when you say anything remotely teeth and gum health!!!


  2. I LOVE your quick kick in the pants work out!! People need to realize that ANY exercise is better than NONE!!


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