Gratitude Monday, Happy July 4th, Beets, Family, Cookies!


HAPPY JULY 4th! I know that many of you are busy having fun – I hope! Maybe with family or on vacation or at the beach. Whatever it is – enjoy!

I am going to make this pretty short & sweet because it is a long weekend & I know many want to take a break from the social media! ME!!! 🙂

I do want to share my most recent MODE article on beet powder because beets and/or beet powder can help with your digestion on top of being a powerhouse of nutrients! You may need the gut health after eating too much this weekend! 🙂 While you are there, check out my article on What to Do If you Don’t like your BFF’s Significant Other. I have a couple funny videos too to cut the seriousness of the topic.

Check out No Energy? Bloated? Ever Try Beet Powder? I DID!

by Jody Goldenfield at Mode


Also had some family fun time. Most today so not too many pics here but we did have some fun with the little one on Saturday while her mom was busy doing other stuff at the mall. She gets so much attention when we are out. People get a kick out of her since she has quite the “personality”!


Here is a fun video of my Sunday run rather than pics. 🙂

COOKIES! Below is the Saturday HUGE lemon cookie & the star ones are for today July 4th!

CookieLemonJuly3 2016

CookiesJuly4 2016

What did you do this long weekend? For my Canadian friends, how was Canada day?

Have a wonderful week!



    1. SMOOCH Lindsay! Have a great day!!!


  1. Happy 4th, Jody!!

    I would never give you weightlifting advice, but because I care, I need to say that I hope you are not running too much on concrete. It will destroy your knees.


    1. I only run outside 1 day a week DR. J & the gym days are modified so I don’t do as much as I used to. 🙂


  2. Good for you and your site. We all need to encourage each other to feel young and stay fit as we celebrate more birthdays.


    1. Cookies & family Abby 🙂


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