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In light of the events last week, I am leaving it with this today except for a couple of cookie, family pics & yesterday Being Present. It saddens me that this is what is happening in our world and the United States today! We have to really think through what comes out of our mouths & what our actions show to others. I rarely get political here but I am speaking to one candidate that can’t seem to get it right. People, kids DO listen, see, hear & act! I know people have issues with both candidates but I rather have one that wants equality for all, separation of church & state like it is supposed to be & inclusiveness, not exclusiveness! A choice to not vote period is like giving up. At least vote! Think about it! My personal opinion. That is all.


OK – on to cookies & family!


Here is my cookie video from Saturday:

Some pics from July 4th and Saturday when we did some babysitting for the crazy kid & visited with my stepdaughter’s mom who is here. She has some knee issues going on & can’t chase after the little one so we helped – not tough for us to say yes! 🙂 I stuck my hand in there to show the free manicure I got Saturday. Have not had one in many years!!! Thank you Polished Perfect!































































I had to share this Being Present day from yesterday. Hubby & I just needed an escape & breathe day!

Hope you all had a nice weekend despite all the sadness happening right now.




  1. It is so difficult to watch on the news the state of our world. It sad, disturbing and frustrating! I couldn’t agree more. I know as bloggers, we try to stay neutral and not touch on politics, but that isn’t always possible in this world of ours.

    Glad you got some nice family time to keep things uplifting and postitive.


    1. Everything you say is true Charlotte! Thank you!!!!!


  2. Things are terrible, but it certainly doesn’t help when the media fans the flames!


  3. Ohhh my goodness. The baby is growing so fast!!
    I hope you’re having a good week, Jody.


    1. Josie – I think that when I see your youngest!!! 🙂


  4. With all the stuff going on in the world these days, we seriously need to appreciate every single little second we have!


  5. Yes, so much horrible stuff going on in the world and the best we can do is to teach that it is not okay.


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