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Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Since I missed my Monday post last week, sharing a couple Dad’s day pics, some pics of family & other fun things. The pic above was a Throwback Thursday post from my Instagram this past week. Love it! I also LOVE this IG post below from one of my IG friends that I reposted because it was too good not to share!

First things first – HAPPY BDAY to one of the grandkids! Here are some pics to share & one in particular with the 2 of us was a favorite on Instagram a couple of years back!

SawyerJune2016 SawyerGlasses SawyerBday2015 SawyerJodyStareOffSept2013A





















We had a busy  Father’s Day last weekend but got in some Father’s Day fun! Here is a pic of my hubby, his bro & Dad at a beer festival type thing. The other is at the house. It was hot as the hooties & I was grumpy! 🙂













Some outside run pics I did not get to share last week.


RunJune2016Crane RunJune2016purpleflower RunJune2016sunrise RunJune2016sunriseA RunJune2016sunriseB






















Some pics from my outside run yesterday. You can see how all the fires in Southern CA have affected the air. SO sad!


MondayBlogFlowerPurple MondayBlogFlowers














I mentioned some life stuff going on a while back. It took us to Idaho. Although it was definitely NOT a vacation, we did get to see the kids & grandkids there. Here are a couple pics of the middle daughter & kids & us. Can you see our GOOF one! 🙂 This is only half of the grandkids. DOH, so busy with the stuff that had to be done, we forgot to take a pic with the other half!!!


















Always cookies!!!!! I took the first video Friday with my Core Flytes from Flyte Fitness – yes, you all know I love them & that I can offer you a discount to buy them! They are now selling apparel too!!!! The second video was Saturday & these cookies are from a small bakery in Old Town Orange & only $1.25 each!!!

I have to show the little one all dressed for her first dance class! OMG, love her so much!



Have a great week!



  1. Interesting you went to Idaho. My best friend from Lake Tahoe just told me over the weekend that he went there on a fishing trip. I’ve never been.


    1. Dr. J, the 2 older stepkids & family live there & have for years. 🙂


  2. Oh my gosh the itty-bitty ballerina in her dance clothes is too cute. I am having baby fever lately.


    1. She is adorable Abby!!!! xoxo


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