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So warning first in case you want to move on, this is a post about products I support thru Vibrant Health with affiliate links – NO SURPRISES HERE!

I know you all know that I am an ambassador for Vibrant Health. My link is on the side bar. You can get 20% off all products by clicking there & using the discount code, BUYGREEN, at checkout.


I wanted to introduce you to a couple new products above that were featured in Prevention magazine.

Vibrant Flora Improved Bowel Supporthelps IBS, irritable bowel syndrome and works to improve bowel support & health. I know about this from age – I eat lots of fiber & drink my water but age has changed that part of my system. 🙂

VIBRANT FLORA LEAN BODY SUPPORT – a protein and nutrient dense vegetable food with probiotics and a host of condition specific botanical ingredients to provide a baseline of good nutrition.

I am linking you to both of them so you can read all the ingredients & supplement facts to make sure they are right for you.


Also – A reminder of their PET JOINT SUPPORT. I wrote about it HERE. They also have other pet products. Check it out – Digestive Greens and Pet UT help – urinary tract help.

I use Joint Vibrance for myself as you all know. I have written numerous times about how it is the only joint supplement that works for me. Read more here about it on their website.


Again, all these can be bought for 20% off by clicking the link on my sidebar and using the discount code.


Happy HUMP DAY!!!!! 🙂



  1. PROBIOTICS ARE MY LIFE but sometimes even they are too weak for me! WOMP WOMP! But honestly, without them, I would probably not be able to get out of bed!


    1. I hear you GiGi although I am not as bad as you obviously! HUGE HUGS!


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