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I know some of you don’t get to my Instagram or Facebook and Facebook accounts so I wanted to share some cool exercise moves I have been sharing there. I also have been uploading to my YouTube account!

Just a reminder since you see the knee supports in the videos, I would not even be able to do half of what I do without my Vibrant Health Joint Vibrance. Before I started taking it, it was painful to even sit with bent knees. Feel free to read all my posts on the blog. Just search Joint Vibrance. This is my newest one which links back to some older ones. Again, I know you all know that I am an ambassador for Vibrant Health. My affiliate link is on the side bar. You can get 20% off all products by clicking there & using the discount code, BUYGREEN, at checkout.

So, some moves that you might like to try. I love mixing it up to keep it fresh & the body guessing!






I do LOVE my Core Flyte gliders as my regular readers know! Great way to mix it up but man oh man, BURN!!!!! Results from them!!! Yes, as an ambassador, I can offer anyone that wants to buy them 10% off purchase price plus FREE SHIPPING within the continental U.S. by just using my DISCOUNT CODE – TRUTH – at checkout in the box labeled Discount. It is NOT case-sensitive. I make a LITTLE money. It is not paying much right now. 🙂 I hope that they catch on because I really love them! Did you see that they wrote about me on their blog & Facebook page!



You can see all my posts on Instagram and Facebook. I am just starting to put the newer ones on YouTube.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!



  1. lol, yeah, I always look for ways to get exercise in life outside the gym, like pushing my Jeep in and out of the garage 🙂


  2. Wow, really creative way to make up for not having a sled.


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