Gratitude Monday & Honoring Our Vets; HAIR Fun; June Blogging Schedule







I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. If you get the day off, enjoy with family or friends or both or alone if you need down time! 🙂 Let us not forget all that served for us then & now PLUS all the families that take care of things while their loved ones serve! We all love a long weekend but this weekend is about honoring those that have fought to keep us free & the families behind them!

I just had to share my new hair color! You may not notice but I had my amazing hairdresser lighten up around the face but it is a bit darker in the back – I LOVE IT!

JodyHairMay26 2016 JodyHairMay26 2016A JodyHairMay26 2016B JodyHairMay26 2016C JodyHairMay26 2016D


















After that, I had to make a stop & visit the little one for some happiness time! 🙂

SunnieBabyMay26 2016 SunnieBabyMay26 2016A







COOKIES!!!! I wanted to post my Saturday cookie video but something whacky happened with my blog & all my videos are not coming out right. Still trying to figure out what happened. It started last week. UGH! You can see it on Instagram and Facebook or my personal Facebook!

June is going to be VERY VERY busy for me. We have some family stuff that needs to be handled that will take time on top of some added work for me on top of my writing – a good thing but I will not be able to get to social media that much.

Have a great week!!!




  1. I love your hair! I bet the color looks great when you go curly, too.

    June is busy here as well. That beginning of summer thing!


  2. I am once again so very thankful for everything in my life, sadly, I am kind of sad today. I am sure I will pep up, but I don’t like this feeling right now. I think it’s time I go WORK OUT! haha!


    1. Oh no! wish i could come hug you cause i need a hug too. Jody, you look amazing. Love your hair and love your gratitude mondays!


  3. I love the hair colour. It suits you. I did see the cookie post on IG. Good stuff!


    1. Thank you Charlotte! I love this hairdresser!!!!


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