Did You Know You Can Do This With a Banana?









So you want to make banana bread or any other recipe using ripe bananas but your bananas are not ripe yet. I know many of you know the traditional ways to ripen bananas fast. The paper bag method takes longer like 12-24 hours & you may not have that time.

I researched this way back when & tried the oven method above. It worked fine. They look kinda gross but it works!

What is the oven method – Put in the oven at 250-300 degrees for 15- 20 minutes. This article says longer up to 30-40 minutes but other articles vary SO CHECK THEM OFTEN TO BE SAFE! Some think it makes them too sweet for certain recipes so you will have to experiment yourself. Works great for banana bread or my protein bars & protein loaf! 🙂

The microwave – I have not tried yet but per this article you poke the skin a couple of times on all sides & microwave at 30 second intervals up to 2 minutes. Check after each 30 second interval for right amount of softness.  Anybody tried this method?

LASTLY I JUST FOUND THIS & HAD NOT HEARD OF IT BEFORE – FREEZE THEM FOR UP TO 3 HOURS! I DID TRY THIS & IT WORKED! Now being me, I went out & left them too long (like all day), :O, so they got a bit too ripe! The texture was a bit off but to me, my protein bars tasted fine. Check out the video below to see about this freezer method. I really like this when you don’t want to waste the energy of the oven and/or it is hot & you don’t have to heat up the kitchen any more than necessary.

How about you? Tried any of these? My foodies – your thoughts if you have tried them on texture & taste & cooking/baking. I am easy so I am not that particular. 🙂



    1. I assumed you knew this GiGi! 🙂


  1. Really good to know! Seems like whenever you go to the store looking for greenish bananas they’re all overripe, but when you need a ripe one they’re all green.

    And I hope you don’t get any creepy porn googlers here with that article title… ok sometimes I am just 13 years old.


    1. Hi Jan!!!!! There you are! SOOOOOO True!!! Never ripe enough or vice versa! I was hoping for creepy porn 😉


    1. Very interesting DR. J!!!!


  2. I had totally forgotten about the putting bananas in the freezer trick! I used to do that all the time… Thanks for the reminder!


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