Cookies (GF,Soy & Nut Free), Creamers (NonDairy) & Cleansers(Eco Friendly) OH MY!


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I know! Cookies on a Friday!!! This is actually a great finds from ExpoWest 2016 post! 

I already wrote about the fantastic Brushing Rinse from Essential Oxygen HERE. See pics above. I am now testing & using their Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning, laundry, washing veggies & kitchen surfaces, first aid for minor “things” on my face & gym nicks, clean my mirrors & more. It can be used on plants & pets AND “it’s also the perfect cleansing oral mouth rinse for minor infections”. I really like the way it cleans my mirrors & leaves no streaks or film. I just wipe with a towel or cloth after spraying or wiping it on the mirror. I also add to the laundry. I have a very old machine so it does not clean the best. This is helping!!! It can be found at Whole Foods & health food stores. I know my Sprouts has it. Check your local stores. The Food Grade now comes in a 32 ounce bottle! I am definitely adding this to my home along with the Brushing Rinse. BEST FIND 2016!

COOKIES!!!! I ran into this brand, Yumbana & pretty much ate all their samples! 🙂 YUM is right!!! They are a family owned company out of Colorado. So many of the best  healthy companies are there! Their products are gluten-free and soy free. Per their site, “With celiac and gluten-sensitive folks on staff we take gluten issues  seriously and perform gluten ELISA tests on our products”. The Molasses Spice cookies are not soft. They snap. I typically like soft but I have to tell you, DELISH!!!! I ate the whole bag! It made it a month – I am proud of that with me & cookies. 🙂 I think pretty good stats too for a cookie that is not advertised as a health cookie. They have other cookie flavors (I tried them all!), breads, muffins, cakes, scones, pies, mixes. They are local to Colorado but you can order online! I love the sustainable packaging too PLUS the ziplock on the bag actually works!!!! The people were so nice as well. Check them out! BEST FIND 2016!


Lastly, I got this sample of Nutpods dairy free creamer in my Press bag. I am lactose sensitive so I was excited about this! I had the unsweetened original BUT I must taste their unsweetened french vanilla version!!!! REALLY GOOD!!! I LOVE THIS – FREE OF carrageenan, titanium dioxide, mono and diglycerides, hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated oils. Some link carrageenan to cancer yet other articles say not. Me, I prefer to just stay away from it if possible. Also Non-GMO, and soy, dairy,  and  gluten-free PLUS no artificial flavors/colors.

They are available at my local Mother’s Markets but check their store locator here.

NutpodsCreamer NutpodsCreamerIngredients NutpodsCreamerStats


So, that is another post about some of my best finds from ExpoWest 2016 that impress me. More to come!

Have you tried any of the above? Thoughts? Questions?



  1. Those nutpods look amazing! Happy to hear the Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is helping with the older laundry machine and streak-free windows too. Thanks for sharing some new uses! Xoxo keep on being awesome Jody!


  2. Never tried them. I’m not a cookie fiend like you. Ha! 🙂 Not a coffee drinker either so I don’t really need the creamer. But I will share with my husband. Thanks!


    1. Thx for stopping by Pamela!


  3. COOKIES! I just got a whole bunch of NuNaturals, so you best believe I am going to start experimenting to make the PERFECT cookie – FOR YOU! 😉


    1. I can’t wait GiGi!!!!!!!!!!


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