Boobies & Bras Around the World; PLUS Size MALE Models; Don’t Get Scammed with Your Cancer Donations



I have 3 new articles for MODE to share. I think you will enjoy them all!

The first one on What Bras Look Like Around the World was fun! I found a ton of creative bras made for publicity only but many were for a cause. One from India was an electric shock bra made to bring attention to the problem with sexual violence. It emits a 3,800-kilovolt electric shock to the attacker. It will also send an emergency text message with the victim’s GPS location. I also linked to a story about breast cup size around the world. U.S. average size was a D cup. 🙂 There is some info on the best 10 bra brands (of course this varies from writer to writer) and a link to a great post for bras fitting different women of color, curvy women, flat women like me and even one brand that has a feminist mission fighting sweatshops, label objectification and sexualization. It also fights online fat shamers!

Check out What Bras look like Round the world

by Jody Goldenfield at Mode


My second article was about Male PLUS size models. I was wondering if it was even a thing. Not really. One major agency has signed the first “average guy” PLUS male model. He looks pretty attractive to me. I found one online site that caters to the average guy BUT they are not models per se & not signed by a major modeling agency. It is called Chubstr of all things! 🙂 I think in the plus size world, it is the same as regular models. You have to be attractive but you are just overweight per celebrity and “Hollywood” standards. The one constant – plus size in modeling is a way smaller size than we think it is!

Check out Where are the Male PLUS size models? Is it even a Thing

by Jody Goldenfield at Mode


Last but not least, Best Organizations for Cancer Research. SO important with all the scams out there! Take a read.

Check out Donate: Best Organizations for Cancer Research

by Jody Goldenfield at Mode


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