77,000 Attended Natural Products ExpoWest!


REAL QUICK FIRST – I published a couple more MODE articles. I posted one Tuesday on the blog in case you missed it. Not a typical post day for me. It was the best 10 moves for flat abs and it is NOT your typical article like you see out there! 🙂 I also published this one – The Secrets to Making a Young Marriage Work.



I have been a bit MIA due to the Natural Products Expo West & Engredea show last Thursday thru Sunday. I went all 4 days and still did not see everything! I posted the pic above but that was it. It was CROWDED!!!! I did get to meet up with the adorable GiGi above – the biceps pic. We forgot to recreate the moment. Dang! YES, over 77,000 people attended the convention, an increase of close to 7% from last year. Over 3000 exhibitors showcased products throughout the entire Anaheim Convention center, hot products at The Hilton, a tent out in the parking lot and banquet rooms on the top floor of the convention center! This is put on by New Hope Network. “The NEXT Forecast 2016 projects strong growth for the natural products industry. U.S. consumer sales of natural, organic and healthy products are forecasted to expand 64 percent from $153B in 2013 to $252B by 2019, including growth of 9 percent per year driven in part by new and emerging brands.”

I am going to have to write about this show & the products over multiple posts or it would be overwhelming! So much to share with you.

I saw a ton of gluten-free, Non-GMO, organic, plant-based products, protein added products, free range (ya have to be careful with that), sustainable packaging, vegan, no animal testing and tons and tons and tons of snack items! Of course there are always full fat items there & the days hubby went with me, he happily stopped at the ice cream places. There was one both frying up REAL fries so people could taste their sauce with them. 🙂 Honestly, I was looking for gluten!!! I can eat it and for me, some of the gluten-free products don’t settle in my tummy well due to the ingredients needed for gluten-free. 🙂 I even tried products with crickets in them! They are a good source of protein!

I did eat TOO much but we walked so much that I did not gain weight BUT the body was not its ole tighter self. 🙂 I pretty much stopped at every cookie booth & there were a lot of them! I might have eaten half the samples at each one too! 🙂 Lots of gluten-free cookies. I was pleasantly surprised how good they tasted. For another post but I will show you the REAL cookies I found & they were baking them up fresh there! That big one – as big as my head!!!



For today, I want to focus on a couple of brands that I have known for years & LOVE!

My first stop was NuNaturals. I LOVE their stevia and baking products! They had just recently sent me a care package of their Dutch Process Cocoa, Oat Fiber, Coconut Sugar and some of my beloved stevia and cocoa syrup! I was excited to discuss with the company reps. Well, I also found out they have more new products! A banana flour called NuNana (being a nana, I love that) and a “Gelicious Gelatin which is a great source of collagen! I am on this! Going to get samples to try! See pic below with my care package plus their new products. They also showcased new packaging they are working on & it was beautiful! I was asked not to take pics yet. Very excited to try everything. Check out their site & all the products they have – fantastic company PLUS FREE Shipping to the continental 48 U.S. States on orders over $35! Pic below of my care package & some of their new products seen at the show.

Next up – Nutrex Hawaii! If you have followed me for years, you know I have been writing about them and their products forever! Their products are grown on the pristine Kona coast of Hawaii. “Nutrex Hawaii is the only microalgae farm located in a “BioSecure Zone that prohibits the use of harmful pesticides and genetically modified organisms.  What does that mean for you?  Our Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica and BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin products are grown without using any harmful pesticides, herbicides and we do not generate land erosion or water pollution. Our products are safe and pure.” Read the previous link for more info!

I actually got to tour their facility in the past. Such a cool thing to see! I have used their Spirulina, BioAstin, Green Complete & love them all! They have just released a new Hawaiian Spirulina Protein Shake! I tried it at the show. They made it with coconut milk & it was AMAZING!!!! My hubby does not even like this super healthy stuff & he loved it!!! I was provided with a very cool goodie bag – well a backpack filled with goodies! I use their backpacks everywhere! I have a few of them from over the years! This brand is truly amazing and the people are beyond nice! Great to have a brand complete with super nice & honest people! Some of the products in the goodie bag below:



BTW, as you see in the top pic, I stopped by Arctic Zero! OMG, I love their products! Their new flavors are amazing but I am still a fan of the original ones like coffee, strawberry, Vanilla Maple, Creamsicle & more! ALTHOUGH, I loved their new Banana Pudding! That Brownie Blast was fantastic too & I am not even a big chocolate person.



YUMMMMMMM! So these guys were handing out samples like no tomorrow! I may have taken a few… 😉



How was your week? Did anyone else go to ExpoWest?



  1. I stopped by NuNaturals too and I really want to try thier gelatin and their banana flour because that flour uses un-ripe bananas = aka, no sugar!! WOO WOO!

    Oh and um… GET READY for Tuesday’s video because I made Landon taste test some products and his reactions are just PRICELESS!


    1. GiGi – I can’t wait for that video!!!!! Do you have a good relationship with NuNaturals? I do so if you don’t, I can pass on your name. Let me know!


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