Sometimes I Don’t Follow My Own Advice



Monday & Tuesday, I posted the videos below on Instagram.

I am known for writing about how we should use great form all the time! 🙂 The one exception is when I am trying to increase the weight I am lifting. In the FIRST video above, you see my body move to get those 30’s curled up BUT I CONTROL ON THE DOWN. I got 3 repetitions before I dropped down to 25 pounds. NOW SAYING THAT, I did record this at the end of my all weights workout Monday so my arms were pretty fatigued. I should have recorded earlier. 🙂

I do try not to move any more than this when I lift to increase my weights. I work out alone so I have no help. If you have a workout partner, they can help you lift a heavier weight without so much body movement by assisting on the up. YOU CONTROL THE DOWN!

The SECOND video of the incline dumbbell chest press, I prefer for my arms to come down to parallel or slightly lower – for me. I am older now so on heavier weight, I don’t go lower than slightly lower than parallel to protect my bod. Lighter weights, I will go lower. IF YOU HAVE SHOULDER ISSUES – BE CAREFUL! I got about 10 reps with this weight. The reason I don’t try 42.5 or 45 pounds, it would be a REAL STRUGGLE to push them up to the starting position myself. The chance of hurting my shoulder to do that – not worth it. If I had a spotter, I would try it because they can help you push up that first repetition. Pushing up is the hard part! 🙂

When I lift to increase, I really don’t care if it is 2 reps or 5 reps, I am just trying to move up in weight. I have been thru this before & eventually I am able to do more reps with the heavier weight. I just keep working at it and also working to not move the body so much.

You can also not drop set if that is your thing. I like to drop set if I get fewer reps at the heavier weight. I am NOT lifting to compete. I am lifting for ME and what is right for me. Always do what is right for you!

How do you work to increase your weight when you are a solo workout person like me? I know some exercises you can actually assist yourself like leg presses and such. With exercises like this – what do you do?



  1. I SO SO SO remember hating to ask strangers to spot me–but more being terrified I’d drop a dumbell on my face in flys and presses too.
    So Id ask 🙂


    1. Not too many to ask at my time Carla 🙂


  2. On your title: If I need advice on something, I think of what advice I would give to someone else if they had the same issue. If I don’t like my advice, I know I’m on the right track! lol


    1. You are too funny Dr. J!!!


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