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I see it all over social media & blogs. People post how many sets & repetitions they do for each exercise. I GET IT! I used to work out that way so I USED TO BE ABLE to post my workouts. I just do not work out that way anymore.

As a person that has been working out as long as I have, wanting to fight the slowdown of the body that comes with the hormone change, wanting to stay leaner but also put on & keep muscle, wanting to keep my body guessing so I continue to make progress – I really don’t do strict sets & repetitions (reps).

I have my own JODY style of circuit training meaning I keep on moving from exercise to exercise. I really go by feel & not necessarily sets. If I feel I need more of a body part, I do more sets. If it already feels pretty good, I do less. On reps, I do NOT stop at a certain number. I start with a weight I think I can do 7-10 reps on & then do a couple drop sets from there. If my on my first set of reps, I can do more than 7-10, I just do it & adjust the weight on the second set to a heavier weight.

I have had people ask me to outline my workouts on Instagram. HOLY COW, it would be a book for 1 workout & there is not enough room AND NOT ENOUGH TIME FOR MY SLOW TYPING SKILLS! Verbal dictation does not work for this type of explanation on a phone. The fun Spellcheck would have doing that!

The other thing I do is multiple body parts so I move from one body part to another body part or even 3 in a workout .. EXCEPT Monday which is everything but chest. I may not do the same exercise for the same body part all at once. Sometimes I just keep doing different exercises for each body part I am working that day in a circuit. Other days I may do 3 or 4 different exercises for each body part but each exercise all at once before moving to another exercise for the same body part.

I go into the gym with a plan, but it all becomes feel from there AND whether what I want to do is available. Most times it is due to my workout time – fewer people so more availability of the equipment.

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Monday is ALL WEIGHTS DAY so it goes something like this but I change my workouts every week. The body parts I do 2x per week, I change up the exercises I do for that body part. I also don’t do a set number of sets per body part. It is all feel for me for every day.

I start with shoulders. In between each circuit of presses/rear delts/side raises, I do Sumo & plie squats OR some weeks I do my special Olympic bar squats (these are not a typical barbell squats – videos on Instagram & Facebook & Facebook) OR some weeks I do DB squats. You get the picture. 🙂  Even though I circuit train, I push for the best weight I can for each exercise. I do NOT go light but I do love my drop sets! I mix up the exercises I do for each part of the shoulder throughout. I do the majority of shoulders first on Monday BUT I throw my upright rows and some more presses & side raises later in the workout.

Next I do biceps & triceps in a circuit with more legs. After a set of a bicep & tricep exercises, I will do either leg presses, squats of some sort or stiff-legged deadlifts. Sometimes I may do both a quad & hamstring exercise before going back to my arms.

Next I continue legs/glutes but with my back exercises. It is a circuit of quads, back & hamstrings.

Once I finish my back, I continue with legs & glutes BUT I ALSO THROW MORE SHOULDERS, BICEPS, TRICEPS IN THE CIRCUIT. Sometimes some more back depending on how I feel that day.

As you see, I am doing legs & glutes throughout the Monday workout in some form.

To write out the exact exercises, sets, reps etc. does not work for me because I just move thru my workout doing what feels right for me. I do drop set a lot. I do NOT stop at even reps per set… I just go with the flow & feeling my body thru it – MIND/MUSCLE LINK 🙂


OK – now that I probably ticked everyone off with not really telling you what you want to know – any questions??? 🙂 Remember the below too! I have been at this many many moons!!! 🙂

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  1. and you know me
    it is all about what WORKS FOR US and if you had to write it all all out out (and it wasnt your j-o-b) it would make working out and lifting into a JOB!!


    1. So true Carla!!!! I would write it out for $$. 🙂


  2. Haha! I love your humor! People want to know because they want to look like you! 😉
    But you hit it on the head, you have to keep changing things up to find out what works for you!


    1. You are too funny Lori!!!!! YUP, whatever works is good for me! 🙂


  3. I totally get this Jody. Do you ever get the feeling that those who ask for specifics aren’t going to listen anyway? Have a great day and keep being your awesome self! : )


    1. I so do Marcia!!! They want the quick fix! Not here!!!! 🙂


  4. No problem here as I never asked the question, lol

    I exercise a lot by feel too. I may think, well today I’ll emphasize chest, so that’s pretty easy to know what to do, but after that, I may do some body weight stuff with pullups, etc just because 🙂

    Maybe even biceps after that. Whatever lol Over a week I get it all done 🙂


    1. Too funny Dr. J! I know you have your thing too so I never expect you to ask what I do! 🙂 xoxoxo


  5. haha yes, let’s see your book of weights! kidding. I think it’s a great idea to keep it doing what works for YOU


    1. I need a ghost write & then I would write a book! 🙂


  6. I would ADORE the chance to step into the gym with you Jody… However, I bet you would laugh at how pathetic I am! lol


    1. I doubt you would be pathetic GiGi!!!! When you are rich & famous, hire me & I will come work out out! xoxoxo That hunny too!


  7. Thanks for sharing what is working out for you. I also write about my workout plans but on my diary most of the time. I also share stuff about mma and boxing. So do take a look at my blog:


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