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Happy Monday to all! I know, many don’t like Mondays & I get why but we can try to find something good in it – right! 🙂

First off, another son-in-law with a bday! This is middle stepdaughter’s hubby. They live out of state so no get together unfortunately! 🙁 BTW, he picked this pic I am posting below. He likes to have fun! 🙂



So, more updates on the fall I took a couple weekends ago running outside. My pinky area is still tender. The joint & sore is on the outside of the hand that hits everything so it really is taking time BUT LOOK HOW MUCH BETTER IT IS. You can see previous pics HERE. The sore itself & that area right there still hurts when I put my weight gloves on (even with a bandaid on it). Tender still but hoping 1 more week might help. As I mentioned before, I am a slow healer plus it was a pretty deep gash & that was hard to tell from the pics. BTW – BEST HAND LOTION ANYONE? I NEED HELP!






The foot is OK BUT I found since my feet are wide & it is problematic even wide workout shoes, well, I had trouble doing my lunges last week. As I bent the foot/toe area to lunge, the shoes hits right at the wrong spot & inhibits the lunges. You can see in the pics below & the bunion area with the shoe design right where I bend my feet at the laces area – that is what is hurting. NOT GOOD. Prior to this, I had no issues doing lunges & my bunions were not hurting. They just can’t fit in real shoes. Well, I should say that the left foot, I do have some 3rd & 4th joint craziness at times BUT NOT THE RIGHT FOOT which was hurt when I fell. I will see how it goes today but if this continues – since my bunions were not bothering me up to this fall – I might have to talk to the city about this since it was the NOT maintained sidewalks that caused the fall. I could cut the whole area out in the shoes BUT I do wear these shoes out & about too – not just the gym. You can see my bunions are pushing thru the cloth part but I would have to cut that design part attached to the laces.

Shoe Shoe1







COOKIES! My last big cookie from Whole Foods in the first pic below. I might just have to go direct to the bakery that bakes them. The second pic from Sunday is from PDM Bakery.

Outside run: A beautiful clear sunrise at 50 degrees start time BUT finally some warmer weather here in southern CA. It hit 80 today & warmer by mid week but still stay in the 70’s at end of week. NICE! I am a wimp with cold weather. 🙂

How was your week & weekend? Did you have a Super Bowl party or watch the game? We recorded it & enjoyed the weather. I am only into the commercials. I posted the below Sunday and it is THE TRUTH!!!!!!



  1. Boy, you and me with our falls! Hope you heal up soon.

    It was about 85 here today! Beautiful day, but I just hate the idea of the approaching summer. It gets here too quickly.


    1. YOu get so much hotter out there Debbie – I hear ya!! As for the fall, I could not lunge again. Not a happy camper!


  2. ok now you have ME wondering what the heck you will do to celebrate your turning SIXTY.
    We must get to planning. PRONTO.
    <3 <3 <3


    1. I hope I have run away by then Carla but I doubt it! 🙂 xoxoxo


  3. Hi Jody. I’m sorry for the pain you’ve had. Colloidal silver gel will really help expedite the healing process of any gashes or cuts. As always, I enjoy your cookie pics! xoxo


    1. Thx Josie! I will check it out!!!! xoxo


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