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Do you ever get the feeling that those who ask for specifics aren’t going to listen anyway? This was one response to my Wednesday post. I want to tag her but not sure if she wants me to so I will leave it to her to reveal herself. 🙂

But honestly, I do feel this way too often! People ask me for help, advice, suggestions. Of course I want to help but I always add – It is going to be HARD WORK NOW & FOR LIFE. That is just the way it is – cut & dry. Gimmicks & quick fixes don’t last. Check the statistics! Many do just not want to hear that they have to work for it! Well, you know what – you have to eat well but with balance, you have to move, you have to WORK AT IT! Of course it may be small steps getting there – that is fine! Slow & steady wins this race because you learn your body, you don’t do crazy things that cause you to give up, you find out what works for you!!!

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If you ask me, I am going to tell you the truth. It is just like the hormone change. People like to sugar coat it in the media. I refuse to do that because it was hell for me & I am still having issues years after menopause! I am going thru another hormone battle as I write this. Being honest, you just will never get it until you have gone thru it all. Classes & books do not tell the real thing!

I know women want to hear “THE CHANGE” is not that bad. I know people want to hear that losing weight & keeping it off has a short path to victory. I WILL NOT PLAY THAT GAME WITH PEOPLE. I TELL THEM THE TRUTH!

Sure, I can do this below like many:

 Image result for there are no quick fixes or magic pills

OR I can tell you the truth! Hard work, changing your eating habits, patience, consistency, balance in life, finding what works for you for life is what works! I have lots of previous posts on this.


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Anyone else feel like they get asked questions but people really don’t want the honest answer?




  1. It’s not just with weight loss and fitness. People ask for advice on all kinds of topics and then ignore what you say.

    They really aren’t looking for advice. They want you to agree with what they say or do.


    1. That is so true Lori! 🙂


    1. And you know where this came from. I wanted to link to you! 🙂


  2. So true Jody. Smaller portions and adding a little extra cardio to what I already do is helping. Slow and steady wins the race. Commitment to my health is top priority.


    1. YES Peggy! People want it so quick. It just doesn’t work that way! xoxo


  3. I can relate to this post because I used to be a non-listener. I would ask a super fit person for tips and advice and hope to God they were going to give me a quick fix. I didn’t want to hear the truth that the only solution to be successful in your fitness goals is plain hard work. I wanted to hear, “take this pill or drink this tonic.”

    I self-sabotaged for years until I finally listened to the voices of reason and experience. It’s a lifestyle and it’s not easy, nor is it quick.


    1. Charlotte – the key is you finally learned AND you f=did not give up! LOVE!!! TRUTH – not easy or quick EVER! I keep saying it – people do not want to hear it. Ya think with me being 58 & doing this 35 years, they would think I might know something. 😉 It would be different if I looked different but I do look like I know something at least. 🙂


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