Gratitude Monday & The Baby!


Happy Monday all! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

It is hard to believe but the little one – the youngest grandchild – is turning one this week!!!! Holy cow, where did that year go!!! She is walking & has the craziest fun personality! She is saying a few words too. Of course I am trying to add Nana into her vocabulary but nothing yet! Well, I do think she said it yesterday but that may just be me! 🙂 A few pics above along with my Sunday Snickerdoodle cookie!


Saturday cookie – my last Ginger Molasses! I must order more!

Outside run – cold but always a good way to start the day with some peaceful thoughts. I made a few more grids of my outside run pics because on Instagram they are so small. It was a spectacular sunrise!!!


today3 today2 today1 today


If you missed my Friday post, I wrote all about what I do for my knees to keep me exercising! 🙂 CHECK IT OUT!


Have a great day! I have some good posts coming up about my thoughts on getting started with your exercise & health plan for the new year!



  1. OOOH ONE.
    I love one.
    and more than my own one 🙂 I CANNOT WAIT TO BORROW MY CHILD’S ONE…and then return the one 🙂


  2. What a cutie your grandbaby is!

    And gorgeous sunrise, too.


    1. Thx Lori – she is quite the personality!!!


  3. OMG it is going to be NUTS when my sister’s baby turns 1 in JUNE!!! I met it 2 weeks after it was born, and haven’t seen it since. However, my sister just told me she plans on coming to LA in the next few months to help me with wedding planning and what not and she will bring her kid so I can see it again and NOT CALL IT an IT anymore because apparently it has a personality! HA HA HA HA AH HA HA! I am such a bad aunt! LOL! It will be a flower girl… Ahem, it is a GIRL. LOL


    1. You are hilarious GiGi!!!! Have you set a date or is that secret?


  4. Happy first birthday to your grandchild!

    Your neighborhood looks like the perfect place to jog and enjoy nature. 🙂


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