Gratitude Monday, Life with a Baby, Cookies, FitExpo LA




Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great week & weekend!

I first want to let you know about TheFitExpo Los Angeles coming up January 23 & 24. I hope to be at it once again! If you have an inclination to go, I have a deal for you!!!!

Use the code EFC25 at checkout and get 25% off of any of the following:

$79 full day for fit pros (includes the fit expo)

$50 half day for fit pros (includes the fit expo)

$30 fitness fanatic registration just to register for one of the showcases at the stage (dance, celebrity or innovations and also includes the fit expo)

Let me know if you decide to go!


I am still looking for a job. Lots of feelers out. I am also working to collaborate with a group on posts so I hope that works out & will let you know more in the future.


Always cookies – never fails! 🙂 I posted this Saturday on Instagram. That @healgirl is amazing! She has MS & fights it like no tomorrow. Check her out!

The cookies are from Sunday & the kid pics from Saturday.


Outside run of course. It was foggy & this is the only pic I took but it was a great run.

RunJan17 2016


Life with a 1 year old baby for Nana & Bobby as the kids call Grampa. Started back when the first grandkid could not say Grampy & called him Bobby. Ever since then, all the grandkids call him Bobby even though that is not his name. So funny! First pic is Radio Flyer. She loves it!!!!

SunnieJan17 2016RadioFlyer





















Is she drunk or tired? 🙂

SunnieJan17 2016NanaBobby


Sweet looking here! 😉

SunnieJan17 2016NanaBobby1


Hanging with Bobby aka Grampy!

SunnieJan17 2016Bobby


On the move always! I was exhausted by the end of the evening babysitting!

SunnieJan17 2016Nana


Onward she goes! It is fun because she knows me now & wants to some to me!!!

SunnieJan17 2016onthemove





















Some clouds from yesterday – pretty cool.




How was your week & weekend?   Hope you had some rest & fun!



  1. It’s always something special when your grandkids recognize and want to be with you. Though my grandson still calls me grandpa 😏


    1. That is hilarious Debbie!!!


    1. 🙁 Carla although I hate driving to LA! 🙂


  2. That’s such a fun age. My son is 16 months right now and I am having a blast with his little personality. Hope you get to enjoy plenty of moments with your grandkids.


    1. Thank you Haley! SHe is number 8 but it is still all new cause the personalities are different!


  3. It’s always amazing to watch little brains grow and learn to process stuff, isn’t it?


    1. Kerri – lots of fun! Thank you!


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