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Being the up front person I am, I am going to say right out that one of the products below is a product I make a LITTLE money on. I guaranty you it is not much & quite honestly does not even pay a bill right now BUT I SWEAR BY IT!

As many of you know, I have had some knee issues since last year. I am sure it is a combination of 35 years of workouts plus I was active before that in certain sports activities.

I also have very bad feet. They are flat, wide and bad bunions. I have had the bunions since my younger years. This all adds up to some imbalances that I have worked on but sometimes it all catches up with us.

I have written about my joint supplement, Joint Vibrance, a few times but check HERE for more detail.




As I wrote in the post above, for those that don’t want to click on it – and I know there are some, 😉 –

I AM ENDORSING THEIR JOINT VIBRANCE FOR JOINT HEALTH AS THE ONLY JOINT SUPPLEMENT THAT HAS WORKED FOR ME. I have tried all the brands certified & recommended by Consumer Reports & Consumer Labs. This is the only one that has made my ailing knees feel better! They are not healed BUT THEY FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!

I was at a point that just sitting made them ache & I had to sit on the floor with my legs straight. Also going down stairs – not up but down – hurt! It was the bend that made them ache. Drove my hubby crazy because I was constantly fidgeting when we were sitting anywhere. In movies, we sat at the back – we do anyway – but I would stand for some of it!

I had to be on this product 2 months before I felt the difference because my knees are bad! I actually went off it to test it & within 2-3 weeks, my knees were hurting again! YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT TIME! You have to answer the first question below yes to see if it will help you. NOT JUST KNEES EITHER! All joints!

“Do have some cartilage left in the joint? If yes –  Cartilage-building chondrocytes are lodged deep inside cartilage which is hidden away behind a protective synovial membrane inside the ligaments that bind the joint together. Wrapped over the joint are muscles and their tendons, providing extra stability. Although chondrocytes never lose the ability to do their job, nutrients reach them only by slow, passive diffusion through the synovial membrane and into synovial fluid lubricating the joint. That is why it is important to use Joint Vibrance daily, causing a steady, regular flow of nutrients to the ends of the capillaries that end at the barrier of the synovial membrane.”

Again, it works for me. I am not saying it will work for everyone but for me, it has made life a lot easier! This is for joints in general but my knees are my issue. I even spoke with customers in stores before I bought it and became an ambassador. They all swore by it!















Only product I have found to date that works for me! If your issues are not as bad as mine, you are going to feel it before the 2 months! 🙂 THIS IS HOW I START EVERY MORN AFTER THE WORKOUT OR RIGHT AWAY IF NOT A WORKOUT DAY. Again if you want to try, click the link on my sidebar for Vibrant Health, use the discount code at checkout & buy the Joint Vibrance. It comes in powder & pill form.


OK – on to my other help – my knee supports – I make no money here:




I have never worn knee supports or braces through all my workout years until now. I first started with my Incrediwear ones. I first found Incrediwear at ExpoWest. I bought the socks & never looked back. Still wearing them & still love them. I wear nothing else for my workouts right now. I wrote about them HERE.

I do love the knee supports but as my knees got worse, I really wanted to support them more for leg days. I now wear Rehband knee supports over the Incrediwear ones for leg day. I had heard amazing things about the Rehband knee supports for lifters, power lifters & crossfit people. I wrote to them & they provided me a pair plus a shirt for review. LOVE!!!!



I have been able to do a lot more this way! I have upped my weight for leg day!!! I also decided to wear the Rehband ones for my running cardio & they help tremendously! I swear by them too! I have pics of my outside run & a video of my gym run wearing them on Instagram & Facebook, Facebook.

NOW I KNOW THIS QUESTION WILL COME UP – How do you know it is not just the knee supports. Well, I know because of how bad my knees ached before I started the Joint Vibrance. I know because I could hardly sit with my knees bent before the Joint Vibrance. I know because I am lifting significantly heavier weights on leg day now & if it was just knee wraps, my knees would ache like no tomorrow after leg day. They do not. 🙂

So there you have it. What I am doing for my knees and joints. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away!




  1. Here I go again 🙂 Jody, if you are having leg problems why are you upping your weights on leg day? Can’t you do lower weights with slow technique?


    1. DR. J, as you know, I always use good form & don’t rush when I lift. I actually have not felt as good in a long time – meaning the knees. The joint supplement works & it seems the heavier lifting – not heavy like others lift heavy – you may be thinking I am pushing huge weights – I am not. Heavier compared to what I did when my knees were aching. I can’t afford to do anything more for them right now & even with insurance, it is costly plus I have to work. For now, this is working & my knees have not felt this good in a long time!


  2. Love that you are doing everything you can to deal with this problem. I admire tenacity. Wishing you luck.


    1. Thx Beth! It is working for me!


  3. I have knee issues too. I need to check out Joint Vibrance asap. Thanks for the tip!!


    1. If you decide to buy the joint supplement Patricia, use my site link for the 20% off. My knees are pretty bad or were before I started taking it & it took 2 months for me to feel it.


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