Biggest Fitness and Exercise Mistakes for Beginners


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I have always said in the past that 3 of the most important points to remember for weight loss, weight management, muscle building, fitness success is PATIENCE, CONSISTENCY AND THE FOOD PORTION. I still stick by that! It takes time to lose weight – a lot longer than to put it on! You have to commit for life. This is not a “I am going to go on a diet, lose weight and then go back to eating the way that had you put on unwanted pounds”. It does not work that way. This is a lifestyle – one you create that works FOR YOU for life!

So, yes, the above is IMPORTANT PERIOD!

What I would like to discuss below is 3 of the most important things you need to remember once you start your weight loss effort & exercise routine:

1.  DO NOT TRY TO DO EVERYTHING AT ONCE! This is a sure fire way to getting yourself discouraged for not being able to do it all. Set realistic expectations that take you from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Trying to start at intermediate or higher and/or doing too much too soon may lead to injury as well. Patience! IT TAKES TIME! There is no quick fix that reduces weight & body fat plus puts on muscle safely. DO NOT FALL FOR ALL THE CRAZY ADVERTISEMENTS THAT FLOOD THE MARKET IN JANUARY! Do it right the first time & keep the weight off & the muscle on for life!

2.  DO NOT TRY TO DO EVERY CHALLENGE YOU SEE ON INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK! Listen, you are going to see a ton of challenges come January – The 1000 push-ups a week or 100 jumping jacks a day or the 21 day cleanse or this or that diet plan depending on the person’s goals that represents that diet plan.

TAKE A STEP BACK! What is right FOR YOU??? Think this through! Can you live with that program for life? Is it even feasible to do with your lifestyle – work, kids, obligations. Do you even like the food on the plan? Will it lead to injury? I know it is hard BUT taking it slower, learning to eat cleaner & healthier in baby steps to give your body & taste buds time to adjust works better long term. Not only that, you learn what does & does not work for you if you take it in incremental steps vs. all at once. This goes for exercise & food.

Think through these challenges! I personally have never done challenges. It has always been me finding what is right for me & tweaking it through the years. I learn from others but that does not mean doing everything they do just because they do it. Nothing wrong with challenges – just pick what you like AND do not do all at once!

3. – DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS!!!! THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE!!!! If there ever was a recipe for disaster – this is it!

The old saying – comparison is the thief of joy and/or happiness. At any point in your journey of life or weight loss or anything – stay away from that comparison. I have fallen victim to this one too many times to count! I still slip up! It is hard not to at times, especially when life gets rough and hard for you. Keep these quotes in mind.

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Anything to add? I could have written a lot more but I am trying not to overwhelm anyone! 🙂



  1. I swear comparison really is is is the thief of joy huh?
    In all areas of life yet we humans find it so hard to resist.


    1. So true Carla! As you know, I still slip into this….


  2. Good advice!

    I never do challenges either. Life is challenging enough!


    1. PS: I did a push-up challenge DR. J so I take that back BUT it was only for 22 push-ups to represent 22 american veterans that commit suicide each day. One of my Instagram friends had it on her site. That is a good challenge & it is not like do 300 a day! 🙂 I will do that every push-up day!


  3. Great advice for all levels, as even long time exercisers hit gaps when they stop moving consistently. I’ve met people who took gaps of years who could benefit from all your good points. Big starts lead to quick flameouts!


    1. Yes Kymberly – even long time workout peeps!!!! HUGE HUGS!!!!


  4. Thanks for the good reminders. I think consistency is really the key. Start small and build up, just as you say.


    1. YES Shari – consistency is key!!! I have seen the come & go in my gym for years.. they always come back heavier than before unfortunately…


  5. “Do you really even like the food on the plan?” So true. How many people start trying to lose weight by eating food that they hate? How on earth do they expect that they can stick with this for the rest of their life. Not likely!


  6. Great advice!

    I used to take barre classes three to five times a week, and after taking a break for almost a year, I had to admit that I was essentially a beginner again. I had to do what was right for my body at this point. It takes time to build strength again, etc.

    I also think challenges can do more harm than good unless they are chosen very carefully. If it’s a challenge that truly fits your current fitness level, I think it could be motivating. But it’s very unlikely that the challenge will truly fit you. And there is no sense in entering a 300 push-ups a day challenge when you can’t even do one proper one…


    1. Yes, always what is right for you!!! And on the challenges, I see so many people get injuries off them or re-injure.. 🙁


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