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Hope everyone had a good weekend! I am sure there is something to be thankful for even if it was a tough week and weekend. Look for it in between the other stuff. That is what I do!

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I am torn how to start this post. On one hand, I want to wish my brother happy birthday first – his bday was yesterday. We have 3 birthdays in November in my family including mine. On the other hand, I want to address a sadness that happened at the end of last week.

I think I will start with my brother & move on to the other. As always – I wish my family members a very happy birthday! Thankful they are still here. Here is a pic I got with him the last time he visited California. He lives back east. The other
is one he sent me yesterday at his 65th bday party.

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On the other note, a very wonderful woman who is part of my larger Facebook & Fitfluential group lost her 13 year old daughter last Friday. Her daughter had fought illness her whole life BUT this was a very unexpected turn of events when she lost her. I honestly have no words. Nobody wants to lose any loved one & for it to be a child, so very very very tragic & sad. Here is what I posted in honor of her & her family. These are 2 of my favorite quotes from The Little Prince. The star one is on a bench by my mom & dad’s grave. We had it engraved on the bench.

Unfortunately it is always a wake up call for the rest of us to stop, be present, take in all around us wholly versus just going thru the motions.

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I AM THANKFUL THAT my husband’s sister came out of surgery well for breast cancer. They caught it early. Still tests being done but they think they got it all. Here is a pic of her.

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Yes, still eating the cookies.

Had a good  sunrise Sunday run before work. Always helps me clear the mind before the day starts. First cold weather run of the season – cold for us. 🙂

Wishing you a beautiful day & week! HUGS!!!!



  1. That is terrible to lose a child. I understand not knowing how to post because life goes on for you and someone else really struggles.


    1. It is tough Lori. Like my middle stepdaughter whose bday is on 9/11. Every year but she is allowed to celebrate her bday.. it is tough…


  2. I’m grateful I seem to be doing pretty well. Sorry Jody, plenty of sadness in my world too.


    1. Dr. J – so sorry about sadness over there! Are you OK?


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