Do You Need a Weight Belt for Lifting? Happy Bday again









First things first – HAPPY BDAY to one of the grandkids!!! His bday is tomorrow but my post is today. 🙂 He used to be the youngest grandkid but now the crazy kid here in southern CA by us is the youngest. He still has fun times & he still is young! 🙂 We miss having them all close by us! 7 grandkids are out of state! 🙁


SO – on the weight belts for lifting. I am not going to write a long drawn out post. Just my OWN PERSONAL THOUGHTS!

  1. I get that power lifters and people that do some pretty hard core stuff wear weight belts. I am not trying to say anything negative about that here.
  2. Me personallyI never wore a weight belt even when I was lifting heavy for my bodybuilding years. I was more intent on learning the move with correct form in addition to making my core stronger by feeling the weight without assistance. I think this is why I aged with such a strong core. The guy I trained with at that time told me to buy one. I did & tried it – did not like it so I rarely wore it.

I see people lifting VERY LIGHT weights putting on a weight belt – even just moderate weight. Unless you have some major issue that the doctor wants you to use a belt – I personally think you are better off not wearing a belt – learn the move with CORRECT FORM. Build that strong core while lifting weights.

If you do a progressive program starting from beginner to intermediate to advanced lifter as well as work your core along with all your body parts as you train, I don’t see the need for a weight belt under normal circumstances. Personally I think without the weight belt helps you learn how to do the move correctly while building your core strength – just me!

Your thoughts?






  1. I agree with you. I never wear a belt because I believe that unless you have a problem, such as a back injury, you miss out on an opportunity to strengthen your core in a very functional way if you use a belt.

    Happy Bday to your grandson!


    1. Thx for your input Debbie!!!


  2. Never wore one. Also, I think I see fewer lifters wearing them nowadays.


    1. I agree Dr. J – I see less…


  3. YES YES YES. If you have good form you won’t really need a belt….


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