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SunnieButtCrackAug1 2015







Hi to all & hoping your week & weekend were great! I had to start out with the cutest pic of newest granddaughter’s butt crack! 🙂 She has been enjoying a bit of pool time lately & getting used to it.

BLOGGING SCHEDULE – Just so you know, I will be blogging less the month of August. I have a couple product reviews I will do, a couple normal posts but just less. I have things to do & things to think about in regards to my own life moving forward so… less time blogging & reading. If you don’t want to miss a post, you can subscribe from my home page. Thx for understanding!

We also went to a very cool 1968 exhibit at Bowers Museum. I don’t have time to get all the pics on here but a few below. So interesting so I will share more another time. OK, the first is grandkid fun! Grandpa with baby & dad next to them.


Bowers45recordplayer Bowers1968 BowersJohnYoko BowersNixon BowersTVWalter Bowers911













PART OF HISTORY. I have more pics but showing these.









SO INTERESTING HOW THE BODY TYPES PEOPLE LOVED HAVE CHANGED! ENOUGH SAID! I COULD RANT HERE! 🙂 Not a fan of objectifying women but just saying how things have changed.








BECAUSE I LOVE BARBRA STREISAND! My first experience was seeing Funny Girl with my parents & it was love her from that point forward! Did you ever see the clip of her on Ed Sullivan? For the youngsters – Ed Sullivan was on of the first talk show hosts & had a ton of musical stars of that time AND made stars of many like Barbra!!!









COOKIES ALWAYS!!!! I love my Whole Foods cookies!

KINDNESS MATTERS. This Instagram post stems from just “stuff” plus things I read on other IG friends pages. Honestly, there are people behind the posts!

I wrote this on my IG post above:  Warning, deep thoughts ahead. Many only see #Fitat57. They assume I’m one dimensional because I love to lift, work out, be fit. YES, I love all that but I also am a person behind that. I laugh, cry, am happy & sad, am depressed or frustrated or angry at times. But I also care & feel & see beyond appearances. Please take time to do that here on social media. Don’t judge so quickly. What you see may be more. A lot more than you know…. This hit a lot of nerves with people in a good way – they don’t like the judging either!

Also had a wonderful Sunday run. Tennis ball down!!!! 🙂 Also check out those lemons!!!! Still loving that Champion Bra. Ummmmm, just a couple dry spots left. I look like I have boobs too! I don’t! 🙂 REALLY LOVE that SpiBelt running belt! Always love YMX by Yellowman (shorts & top), Hoka OneOne running shoes, Incrediwear socks & knee braces. I have had my love for Silver Hills Bakery Bread for a few years! I slathered it with Wild Friends Sesame Cranberry PB! You MUST try that flavor!!! The customers & ME love it!!! Now, I have been using NuNaturals products for years & years! Best stevia ever!!!

Have a great week!!!! I may or may not be back Wednesday! 🙂



  1. The best thing about 1968 reminiscing? It’s one of the few times I can say, I was too young, I don’t really remember :-).

    I hope you enjoy your August. It’s always nice to take a break.


    1. I remember some but not all Debbie but a great exhibit!

      Thx Debbie!


  2. have a great great great august.
    and you know Im here if you ever need a thing.


    1. You are a baby Lori! 🙂


  3. So much goodness here! I will be backing away from the blog a bit this month as well. I am grateful for some time to enjoy, breathe and decompress!


    1. Thx Marcia & happy August to you too!!!!!


  4. Hi Jody! I’m wishing you peace and clarity in your thoughts as you move forward. I will be popping in to check out your posts. I love Barbra Streisand, too!


    1. Thank you Josie!!!!! xoxo


  5. Wow, all kinds of great stuff in the post, and love the happy healthy pictures!

    It’s tuesday now, but still feeling grateful, have so many blessings in my life. Like an airconditioner unit in the bedroom window, yay for that! I’m still not used to east coast muggy summers.

    Thanks, love your gratitude posts!


    1. Thx Jan! Man, I wish we had AC with the hot here but of course not like east coast humidity! 🙂


  6. That Playboy picture is definitely interesting to me as well!! Considering I was at the Playboy offices a few months ago and the ladies on the wall…. Did not look like that and they were revealing FAR MORE skin! lol!


    1. You and Playboy – did you behave! 😉


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