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I hope you are all having a great Memorial Day weekend. I am sure some still have to work & others have long weekends. Whatever it is – I sure hope all of you found some time for fun & laughter!


I was able to see the cute youngest granddaughter! So so so adorable!


Had a great Sunday morn run & yummy breakfast after that. I got those donuts for the hubby – that is his thing vs. cookies for me. 🙂

COOKIES of course – I know you all love the cookie pictures!

JodyCookiesMay24 2015 JodyCookiesMay24 2015A



I also wanted to mention a product review that I have not go to yet – as always, my honest opinion! BY the way – the formatting is all messed up below. This started about a month or more ago & I can’t figure out how to fix it. I can spend more time trying to fix it than doing the post so I am leaving it for today! I can NOT get it to make spaces between paragraphs most of the time unless I play around with it for ever – no time yesterday for that! Here it did some of it but not this part of the post – sorry!

1. Essential Living Foods Athletic Fuel: I have written about their other products before – saw them last year & this year at ExpoWest. I do LOVE their other products!!!!! See pic below along with the Athletic Fuel in the pic.


Athletic Fuel is a 100% Food-based supplement stick that is easily ripped open and can instantly be mixed with water. This is an energy product that helps increase physical energy. It can also be used as a sustaining pick-me-upper to get you through the day that doesn’t result in a crash – THIS IS HOW I TRIED IT.  The ingredients not only increase energy, but also assist the body’s ability to rehydrate, replenish muscles, increase circulation, assist with mental focus, and has phytochemicals that create an overall sense of well-being: “An activating herbal boost of herbs, mushrooms and superfoods traditionally revered for enhancing energy & stamina. An all organic plant-based primal athletic elixir formulated with organic Cordyceps, Roiboos, Guarana, Chia, Cacao, Beet, Ginger & Stevia.”
***It did work for me in terms of the way I used it for days when I was beyond tired & it kept me going for the day & for my work demos.***
Essential Living Foods makes their products to serve specific functions but ALSO to have a synergistic effects that are helpful to all systems of the body and overall health.
This product has cordyceps in it & quoting here cause some it goes over my head, 😉
“Cordyceps is an amazing nutritional mushroom. A complete protein, it contains all the essential amino acids, primarily glutamate, arginine, aspartic acid, with notable effects from tryptophan and tyrosine. It also supplies vitamins E, K, B1, B2, and B12, and minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganase, and zinc. Cordyceps also supplies various carbohydrates and fibers, including polysaccharides and oligosaccharides (which feed our body’s natural probiotics). Cordyceps also contains sterols, which are an important precursor to substances such as vitamin D. Cordyceps is generally understood as an immune boosting, energy-enhancing mushroom, with many other potential benefits related to everything from stamina and aging to diabetes and cancer. These effects are theorized to be the result of many different components of the fungus, including cordycepin, ergosterol, polysaccharides, and others that are still being researched. The ingredient containing the testosterone enhancing qualities is the Cordycep mushroom blend.
I ASKED ABOUT THAT LAST STATEMENT & got this response: This ingredient acts as an androgen which aids the body’s natural ability to produce healthy levels of testosterone. Rarely do people get access to androgens in their standard diets, so we thought it would be helpful to include, especially in a performance-based formula. With that said, the amount of Cordycep in this blend is relatively low, and will not have a dramatic effect on your hormones.”
Like everything I review – I ask that you read the ingredients & decide what is RIGHT FOR YOU!!!! If you need to talk to a doctor – do that too!
It did supply me energy with no crash.
What I did NOT like was the taste. I mixed mine with water. If you wanted to try it, you could mix it in a smoothie or milk of your choice. I did not do that because I wanted to review the actual taste & performance alone with water.
Full disclosure: I was offered a gift certificate for other products to buy if I reviewed this for them. I love the other products anyway so I was OK with that offer! 🙂 I thank them for letting me try it AND for the gift cert! 🙂

How was your week and weekend & long weekend if you had one? Did you go anywhere?



  1. I love your honest reviews Jody- this product sounds really interesting. I like the fact that it’s made with real food, but I’ll have to check with my doctor on some of the ingredients, especially since my hormones are already so messed up on their own… don’t want to add fire to the fuel. I too am honoring our fallen tomorrow and plan on a disconnected day at home with my family. Hope yours is peaceful and happy. xo


    1. Thx so much Lisa! YES, always to be safe with supplements – we all have different bods & take different meds and/or vitamins that things interact with…

      Have a beautiful day!


  2. What a little cutie! Hope you had a great weekend, Jody!


    1. Thx Lori – hope yours was great!


  3. I’m glad you are getting time with your granddaughter! They grow up so quickly!


  4. Oh my!!! That baby!!!!!! AWWWWW!!! Hope you’ve had a good Memorial Day Jody!


  5. OMG! I love maple bars… so glad to see that you allowed for some donut indulgence 😉 I had a great memorial day at the ballpark. It felt very patriotic. And I spent some time in thought about my grandma and grandpa who met in the Navy, but have passed on from us. Love those, two!


    1. Vieve – the donuts were for hubby but I am the cookie queen & have lots of pics on Instagram with me & my cookies! 🙂


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