Sweet 16 – Where Did the Time Fly


HAPPY SWEET 16 TO OUR OLDEST GRANDCHILD!!! WHERE DID THE TIME GO – JUST YESTERDAY SHE WAS A BABY!!!! I wish we could be there to celebrate with everyone! Love you so much!


SydEyes Syd Nana Syd Bobby SydBabyΒ SydneyToyStory Sydneypigtails Sydneyjuly4th-2007-63 SydneyJodywater SydneyJodyBaby Sydneyhalloween-2002 SydneyDucks SydneyCemetary2 SydneyCemetary1 Sydneycake SydneyBobby Sydneybdayparty SydneyBaby SydLisaXmas2010

We gave her that Unicorn on her first birthday!!! πŸ™‚

SydBday2013w UnicornΒ SydneyUnicorn



SydneyMarch102014 SydLisaXmas2010 SydJune2011 SydCasLisaIdaho SydCaseyIdaho1 SydBday12011 SydBday2007 Syd1March2010 MitchellsJanuary2012A mitchellsDec20091 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Mitchell kidsSydneyLisaSawyerSydneyJan2013




MitchellFamilyAug2011MitchellKids 12.01.2013MitchellsJohnsonsXmas2011BSydneyCaseySydney2015drawingSydney2015ASydney2015



    1. Thx Jan – she is a wonderful young lady!


  1. Love all the pictures!!!
    Happy 16 to your granddaughter!!!


    1. Thx Debbie – I am 57??? πŸ˜‰


  2. Thanks Jody for making this awesome collage of pics of our precious girl. That was very thoughtful of you! And I am sure it took a long time and we will treasure it always. What great memories! You forgot to mention the backwards diaper you put on Sydney when you babysat for the first time, lol.
    She is blessed to have you and “Bobby” as grandparents. Thanks for always being there for her and us! Love and miss you both!
    Lisa πŸ™‚


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