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Welcome to Gratitude Monday. Each Monday stop by & comment on what you are grateful for today. It does not have to be food or exercise related. It can be ANYTHING!

In the busiest & craziness of times, there is still the ability to be thankful. Right now, to be honest, I am pretty stressed with lots of things going on behind the scenes BUT I will find gratitude in it all! Life lessons – lessons in life – 🙂

So last Monday I told you that my sister, hubby & Rubi the dog were in town – THANKFUL!!! I was not able to get their pictures on the blog last week because we were transferring data from my old phone to the new one so…. HERE THEY ARE ABOVE!!!!! Rubi smiles all the time! 🙂 They traveled out here in their motor home. I hardly get to see them so although crazy times right now with life, it is important to spend time with family!!!!

Of course I have to show a couple more pics of the cutest little baby granddaughter!!!! 🙂 This was on my Instagram and Facebook feed.

EXCITING NEWS on a new demo gig and I am staying in the nut butter lover world! I will be starting to demo the NuttZo brand in my local Whole Foods starting in February!!! If you have not tried this brand, YOU MUST!!!! It is DELICIOUS!!!! They also give back to ProjectLeftBehind. Here is a link to a bit about how the company started too – a great & moving story! Check them out!



I also told you about how I was going to be a social media representative for FitFluential at the local Los Angeles TheFitExpo show in February. I HAVE A DEAL ON THAT SHOW TO OFFER YOU IF YOU WANT TO GO!!!!


This flash sale  runs through Wednesday.  Registering for the EFC gets anyone three things – classes at the EFC on Saturday, admission to the Fit Expo AND admission into the Fitness Career Center at the event.  Half day is normally $50.
Saturday Evolution Fitness Conference Half-Day (AM or PM) – Includes 2 sessions
With this EFC Flash sale, anyone can go to, register for the Half Day (which includes two workouts, the Fit Expo and the FCC) and pay $25 when they enter the source code EFCFLASH at check out.
Here is some fun info for you to know about the show!!!!


“Top Five Trends in Fitness on Display at the Fit Expo”


Stop dreaming and become a fitness pro at the Fit Expo’s Fitness Career Center sponsored by the NAFC which has over 30 interactive booths showing off new group fitness certifications, Personal Training kits, and several national recruiters will be on site from noon to 2pm each day to accept applications for careers with Crunch Fitness and the YMCA.  If you are even remotely interested in becoming a fit pro or if you are already a fit pro looking for tools or direction, take advantage of the EFCFlash sale by 1/30 for 50% off the price of the EFC/Fit Expo bundle.  Enter source code EFCFlash at check out.


TREND #2-  H I I T Training
High Intensity Interval Training continues to dominate the health club scene across America and is front and center at the Fit Expo with mini workouts Saturday and Sunday featuring Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED, Brett Hoebel’s 20 Minute Fit, and R.I.P.P.E.D One Stop Body Shock.  All three fitness brands feature this type of group fitness training.  No tools just sequencing of exercises for maximum calorie burn.


TREND #3- Boxing and Martial Arts Based Workouts
Train like a boxer or a MMA champion!  This trend will explode off the mini workout stage.  Billy Blanks and Eric the Celebrity Sweat Trainer will lead the way on Sunday with other mini workouts from R.E.D. Warrior, Jungshin Fitness, and Piloxing throughout both days.  Even the kids are getting in on the action with Chris Casamassa from Mortal Combat debutting his KickNFit Kids.


TREND #4-  Mind Body Blends
Meet YouTube sensation Cassey Ho and get a look at Pop Pilates.  The fast past Strala Yoga created by Deepak Chopra’s Yoga Instructor, Tara Stiles, will also be doing demonstrations as well as the barefoot workout called willPower method.


TREND #5-  Dance It Off

Dance based workouts like the international Zumba will take front stage as well as Bollywood inspired Doonya and also check out POUND Rockout Workout.  Bring out your rocker side (drumsticks included).  Plus, the first family of fitness will be on site to Dance It Out as Billy Blanks Jr. and Sharon Catherine show off their workout which was recently picked up by Shark Tank.  It’s an All Star Cast, for sure!


Also very thankful for Melissa Burton who included me in her Friday post! I am so honored to be part of this group she highlighted in her post of the 10 Motivational Instagram Accounts! Thank you Melissa!!!!



I have been lax in my cookie pics BUT I HAVE BEEN EATING THEM! 🙂 Here is one I had when visiting with my sis. It is a Chai Spice Almond GLUTEN FREE cookie from Lemonade. I am not GF but the flavor sounded amazing & it lived up to the name – DELISH!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES, I had already started eating it before the picture! 🙂


Always like to get my sunrise run on the weekend – we had amazing weather here the past few days. Here are just a couple pics from a visit with my sis out near where they had stayed with their motor home. These are ones my sis shared on her FB page & tagged me so you may have already seen them. I will share mine next week.
Bethevisitlake Bethevisitlake1


I could write more but will stop here for now. 🙂 How was your week and what are you thankful for today?


PS: Did you see my Friday post on Carbohydrates and Fat are NOT the Enemy? Check it out.


Also, don’t forget you can try the best plant-based powders from Skoop for 15% off through the end of February at my Skoop Online store. They are amazing!!!! You can mix in your milk of choice, water, cook with them, add to your favorite smoothies & more!!!


  1. I always have so many things to be thankful for, today I think I am thankful for my thick skin and the new motto I have adopted this year. It has helped me so much ALREADY… 😉 I would say it here but it’s a tiny bit inappropriate – but basically I am trying my very best to not let people walk all over me. I am a people pleaser and love helping others, and a lot of people tend to take me for granted because of it… But, I am officially not letting this get to me!!! And if it ever starts to – I JUST repeat my motto in my head!


    1. You are worth taking care of you GiGi!!!!!! I can only imagine what your motto is!!! 🙂 HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. LOVE all the family pictures….blessings all ’round! I found Nutzo at Costco…Wahoo!!! I felt pretty grateful when I saw that 😉 Enjoy your week busy Lady.


    1. Thx Tess!!!!!!!!!! NuttZo in Costco – dang!!! I wish here!!!!


  3. Over the weekend I purchased the “sample SKOOP” …. can’t wait to get it and try it….you are inspiring me…thanks!


    1. Kathy – I hope you like it as much as I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I use it in food as well as my unsweetened vanilla almond milk so experiment! 🙂


  4. Wow! You have a lot going on right now! I’d love to go to the Fit expo, but it’s just a little too far away to be convenient. Sounds like a lot of fun though.

    I’m grateful that I’m finally feeling better after being sick for over a week!


      1. Thx Debbie – she is a sweetie!


    1. Way too much going on right now Debbie! I will survive this too!

      So glad you are feeling better!


  5. What a gorgeous pup!!! And the baby too!!!

    On this Monday, I am grateful that tomorrow I will be a San Diego resident again 😉

    Trail hiking 365 — yippie!!!


    1. Welcome home tomorrow Roy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Awww what great things to be thankful for especially that cute grandbaby! I am thankful for my son who just celebrated his 7th bday! Love him to pieces. 🙂


    1. Happy bday to your son Betsy!!!!


  7. So glad that you have been able to spend this time with your sister and her husband!!! Family time is the best! And, your newest grand baby is so cute!!!


    1. Yes, Kim, good to get some family time… I don’t hardly ever get to see them!


  8. Love all the pictures and congrats for more great brand partnerships! You make such an awesome ambassador.

    I have so many things to be grateful for… one that leaps to mind is that I’m in sunny SoCal and not back on the east coast in the middle of a blizzard!


    1. Thx Jan!!!!!!!!!!!

      Yahoo for you being in CA again & escaping that crazy east coast weather!


  9. Thanks for the review of the trends at the Fit Expo! Some of them remind me of old stuff that’s back, maybe like high impact aerobics.

    Loved the pics of the grandkid. I bet he feels safe in that neck cushion 🙂


    1. That baby is a she DR. J & she love the interaction! 🙂


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