Carbohydrates and Fat Are NOT the Enemy!


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Hi all! I have been super busy with little time to get to blog reading & commenting BUT I am trying to get some short informational posts to you. I hope to find some time to read & respond but I am not sure when that will be right now.

I am going to be on the run like this for a few more weeks with family in town, new granddaughter, TheFitExpo in February plus a new demo gig starting in February on top of my Wild Friends demos. More on that in a post next week!

When I am doing my demos, I get lots and lots and lots of comments on food – the good, the bad & the ugly! 🙂 People comment on how many calories and how much fat are in almond & peanut butter. HELLO – THEY ARE NUTS!!! They are high in calories and fat BUT healthy fat. It is about portion  control & fitting it into your daily food plan.

They scan the label for how many carbohydrates (carbs) are in each serving size – not many – they are nuts! 🙂

OK, when I was young & not so smart about food choices, I limited protein, fat & calories. Not a smart idea! I ate too few calories & too little of the healthy fats and proteins and carbs.

IT IS NOT THE CARBS THAT ARE THE ENEMY – IT IS THE TYPE OF CARBS! Stay away from the processed, white & high sugar carbs. Yes, some of you have to be gluten-free. Some of you can’t digest certain healthy grains… BUT if you can, they are not the enemy! I know bread gets a bad rap but I love bread and eat 3 pieces a day and sometimes 4! My bread is all whole grains or seeded or sprouted. There are not added sugars & it is not the white stuff. I love Silver Hills Bakery but there are many many others like Ezekiel!

IT IS NOT FAT THAT IS THE ENEMY – IT IS THE TYPE OF FAT! Same thing as above – eat your healthy fats. Portion control and figure out a food program that works for YOUR LIFESTYLE and what works for you!!! This is not about what others do!!! Here are a couple of links: Mayo and WebMD but you can Google away BUT pick reliable sources NOT ones that are specific to a certain diet plan.


The point here is that food is not the enemy! I do not eliminate any food groups personally. I know some of you have to due to certain allergies or other medical issues. My personal feeling on “diets & dieting” is that FOR ME, learning to eat all food groups without eliminating things is a healthy way to lose & maintain your weight long-term. It has worked for me! 🙂 YES, it may take longer to lose than some of the “diets” out there BUT YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO MAINTAIN FOR LIFE. I learned what worked for me & that allowed me to change things up as my body changed with age.

I AM NOT KNOCKING ANYTHING! I am just giving you my take on this diet & dieting stuff. It is so prevalent this time of year with resolutions! If you are on a “diet” or one of the many “programs” out there and you are unhappy with the food & know you can’t BE HAPPY eating that way long term, you may want to rethink whether it is right for you.

Learning to lose weight by eating foods that will work for you long term but also allow for you to be happy along the way may take longer BUT will lead to a greater chance of long term weight loss & maintenance.

OK – I do want to remind every one of my Skoop discount that is good thru end of February. I love this brand & use it in addition to my whole foods. It is all plant-based and Non-GMO. The protein powder is plant-based & you can add it to smoothies or food or yogurt or your milk of choice. The powders are whole food based made into powder. Now through end of February you can get 15% off your total orderJust put in the discount code BEINGFIT15 at checkout. It IS case sensitive


Feel free to comment away! AGAIN, this is my personal opinion! We all have to find what works for us but food is not the enemy – it is the choices of food!



  1. Totally agree….I am just trying to figure out what works for me now….Being ME and not someone else!


    1. That is the way to do it Kathy!!!!!


    1. Thx Debbie – all we can do is keep trying to enlighten people.


  2. Love this!! I know that for me, if I cut down too much on carbs then I’m useless!!
    Congrats on your new demo job!
    And enjoy time with your new grand baby!!


    1. SMOOCH Kim!!! Need to get your way & congrats to you on FF ambassador. I read on my phone but have not been home to do much computer work!


  3. Yes! It’s all about figuring out what works for us long-term (and then adjusting when things change…). I always love your cookie pics as a reminder that it is possible to fit some cookies in!


    1. Andrea, thank you!!! I know you have found what works for you!!!!


  4. I’m with you Jody- Carbs are not the enemy, in fact, as a distance runner a very large portion of my diet is carbs, including whole grains. I do better if I stick with Brown Rice, because I do have gluten sensitivity, but I eat a lot of carbs.


    1. Thx Lisa!!!! It is all about what is right for the person for sure!!! 🙂


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