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Photo: #nofilter pics from Monday/Tuesday. #legday 1 was Monday. Wore the capris so took pics Tues too. Did cable abductors/adductors, SmithMachine #squats, my special Olympic bar squats, stifflegdeadlifts, goodmornings, seatedlegcurls, legpress, deadlifts, #glutelifts #kettlebell & DB glute swings. Great one! #fitfluential #proof #fitover50 #liftweights #HealthyAging #healthyliving #Fitat56

So Wednesday I offered up a shoulder workout tip.

Today I am talking legs & glutes. I have mentioned the hamstring tip before but I do think it is worth talking about again.

Many many people do not work their hamstrings (the top back of the leg)  OR they work the quads (front top of the legs) way more than the hamstrings. Those poor hammies as I like to call them often get the shaft! Not working them or underworking them can lead to imbalance & even injuries.

You can see in the picture above that I definitely work mine! Now, I do have some decent leg genes so I have that going for me but I also work them pretty dang hard too!

Here is my tip for hamstrings if you think you need some better development of themWORK THE HAMSTRINGS ON A SEPARATE DAY FROM THE QUADRICEPS. I used to do this in my younger years & especially in my competition years. You can superset with an upper body move if you want to keep the circuit training going vs. just resting in between sets. What you do in this regard will depend on your own personal goals. Are you trying to build some muscle but stay lean OR are you trying to build for a competition OR are you a hardgainer (it is hard for you to put on muscle). If you are a hardgainer or building for a competition. You may want to lift heavy WITH PROPER FORM & rest in between your sets.

TIP for Glutes: If you decide to split up your hamstrings & quads, work glutes both days OR work them on an upper body day and a leg day OR maybe even a third day. That is one big muscle – the glutes – so you need to work it, work it hard & do a variety of exercises to get all the different parts of it. You are going to have to experiment to see what works best for you! You know that is a fave saying of mine – FIND WHAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU! I find a way to work mine all the time – age is not nice to those glutes no matter how hard you work them! 😉 You younger folks don’t have to be as crazy as me BUT work them hard! Here is a great pic of the hamstrings & glutes!



Do you work your hamstrings on a different day than your quads? How often do you work your glutes?


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  1. I really like the new format of your site. It’s so visually clean! As you now know, I’m trying to work on my glutes. Your hammies are impressive, woman!


    1. Thx so much on the site & still workingon it! 🙂 I did read your glutes post!!! 😉 Man, watching myself run – I don’t know! 😉


    1. Linz – I do now but I have changed over the years. Now I do my hamstrings first most of the time. 🙂


  2. I met Bob Paris in the late 80s at The Golds in Aurora, CO. He always worked hams first on leg day, that way he assured they got hit hard, and when they were fresh. It also serves to warm up the knees before quad movements such as leg press, and squats.

    This one stuck. For nearly 30 years I have trained hams, usually 6-8 sets, prior to quads. In show-shape, my hams are as good as anyone I have been on stage with.


    1. Roy, I should have mentioned that in my post. These days, I do both on the same day but I do mostly do hammies first. I switch it up but mostly hammies first! 🙂 I feel good that you approve! 🙂


  3. I am terrible about working out legs . . . . it’s hard for me to recover and get a good run in the the next day. I do a limited / low weight routine . . . when I do go all out, I am sore. I think I need to step it up.


    1. Jennifer, I get the whole legs thing from a runner since I follow so many runners. I run for cardio a lot but I am not a “runner”. 🙂

      We all have to find what works best for us & our life & routine.


  4. I have done splits where I will work hams separate so I can focus more on them. But I sort of go in waves of proper splits. I have always had very weak hams, even in my ballet years or maybe b/c of ballet and running is not helping. So I really focus most of my leg workouts around my glutes and hamstrings. I also add in extra glute work as well as hip exercises during the week. As hard as I try, I don’t think I’ll ever have those nicely defined hamstrings, but at least they’re stronger than they used to be.


    1. Heather – sounds like you know what is right for you! You are working it lady!!!!

      Yes, I had the genes for the muscles when I was younger & the legs grew like crazy when I lifted heavy! 🙂


  5. I appreciate your tips! I’m fairly new and any tip to help me I always accept, try and decide to keep or save for later depending on how it works for me right now. I also see how fabulous you look and know it’s because of dedication so I really appreciate your advice. Happy Cookie Weekend!


    1. Tess, thank you so much!!!! Just try to try different things & find what works best for you. I had to do that over the years & I still do.. I have changed my workouts many times & with age, even more so! 🙂

      I so appreciate all you nice comments on Instagram & now here!!!!

      I will be eating cookies for sure!


  6. Great tips. I am a slacker with legs. I usually just do what I do in class and that’s about it.

    Your feed on Bloglovin’ was just fine, but I usually use Feedly, and it says it can’t find a feed. The old one ended when you switched over and hasn’t updated since then. Oh well, I usually come here through facebook or my own blog anyway. (I have about 400 unread posts in my feedly right now, so I’m a little behind 🙂 ).


    1. Debbie – runners have a hard time doing legs as I understand… 🙂

      Thx for the Bloglovin info. I don’t even know about Feedly so I will check that out – THX!!!!

      You know me – always behind!


  7. Hi Christine!!! I do them together now but I do my hammies first a lot BUT I tend to switch things up so I may do that too in the future. Never hurts to try – right! 🙂 Let me know what you think.


  8. It is amazing how many athletes neglect their hamstrings – I think that most of the injuries suffered by people (especially sprinters) on my college track team were hamstring ones. Their quads were so much stronger that it made them out of proportion and that doesn’t work as a sprinter!!!


  9. Never skip legs day, very nice informations,thanks for sharing!


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