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Wednesday April 16, 2014

This post has nothing to do with sex but I laughed at this & some may relate!

Hi all! I know I have been all over the board on days I post. I almost did not even post today but thought I could share my things I make a little money on plus a couple other things.

Kinda mentally tired from just working on the job search & some other stuff. I also have not been as good with my love of Instagram but all we can do is do what we can do – right!  

Glad I work out! A great stress reliever EXCEPT when you are thinking about the wrong things & walk into a bar that hits you in the middle of your right quad & hurts like no tomorrow! The bruise has not come out yet but I am limping a bit – I was not walking slow so this one really hurt! DOH!

Wanted to share this Kickstarter campaign
from PocketFuel Naturals 
who also works
closely with providing their product to http://instagram.com/v_running – #runningforthosewhocant –
cancer – Running for those who can’t. I love following both of them on Instagram because they have amazing pics & stories!

This looks like some cool product too. It is “Delicious
Pocketfuel Cold Brew Coffee with creamy coconut milk tastes like coffee pudding
ready to enjoy anywhere, anytime.” Flavors too!
  I have not tried it yet but want
to!!!! Follow them both on
Instagram & elsewhere! I know, the picture is big but I am a coffee lover!!! It is from their site! Check out the site for all their products & the ingredients & stats as well! Anyone try this yet?

Photo-little Cold Brew Coffee Shots staggered

I also wanted to mention these great products I got from Bob’s Red Mill. I won a gift card way too far back from the FunandFit twins. Love those ladies & they are oh so funny & smart! Anyway, I kept getting on the site, going over my allotted dollar amount, getting off & never finishing. I finally finished! By the way, gift cards have to be done on the phone. You can’t do them online. I found out the hard way. Here is what I got:

Well, on the phone I asked a couple questions about products but received not quite what I asked for so I called back. Their customer service is amazing!!! They shipped out new items below at no charge & fast – 2 days!!! I of course immediately made my healthy granola with it & the dried berries!

You can see the granola pics – so friggin delish! Based on a recipe from Sarah who posts AMAZING HEALTHY RECIPES & I have posted about it many times. I make it every week! I also made the bottom right protein bars with the original hot cereal from Bob’s Red Mill! The top protein bread was already made before my order came so…

AND I was going to write more but I am tired…. burning out a bit today so… let me just give you my Brand Love links. 

I will be writing a more extensive post on the Silk Athlete fitness apparel I wear & love but for now know that it is organic silk and…

***Get 10% off all orders with my discount code, silk-jody. Shipping is free worldwide! CLICK HERE & they now have men’s items too! Maybe your man is not into the silk – well, he can certainly wear it under shorts or as a needed under layer cause it feels amazing, wicks sweat & NO ODOR!

Hey, we all have multiple apparel companies we love & same with nut butters & other products. We can’t just love one……………..

but I will say that I do love this brand & I really never fiddle with it when I work out in it.. it kinda flows on you. I work out very intensely as you all know & NO ODOR!!! THIS IS THE HONEST TRUTH – I WORE A COUPLE ITEMS ONCE 2 DAYS IN A ROW ON PURPOSE AS A TEST WITH NO WASHING & NO ODOR! It is the silk!

OK – all my brand love links! Thx for putting up with tired me post today!

1. Designer Whey Products – Full disclosure that I make a bit of money if you use my discount code ZDWHEY4 at online checkout for 20% off your total order – all products included and free shipping in continental US with orders of $50+! If you have a fit minded friend that loves their products, why not make up your own little gift cert, give it to them & let them know you will pay for it!

2. NEW COMMENT FROM ME – HONEST, after my hard core workouts, I stick these clothes up to my nose & NO SMELL – even the sports bra!!!! FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!  

NEW Partnership! Silk Athlete: Line of 100% organic silk fitness apparel! Get 10% off your online orders with Discount Code silk-jody. This line feels amazing on, wicks sweat beautifully! There is no weighted silk, acid dyes, wild silk, silk noil etc. They don’t finish their products with anything. The garments are hand cut, individually, and sewn by hand, in an innovative production system- in a special purpose built sportswear factory. The factory is certified for low waste, energy efficient, responsible employer- with
good inspection process by authorities. 
It can take 6 months to develop a color- some colors can’t be offered – for example white- given white is “made”- by coating the textile with a chemical. They don’t offer really deep colors that silk is renowned for as this requires acid.

3. NEW COMMENT – new colors on the site & available for pre-order! KnixWear. I am one of their “knixperts”.  You get 15% off your order by putting my code knixpert25 when ordering online. I have tested the gusset lined ones for stopping “crotch sweat” – THEY DO!!! 

4. MixMyOwn Healthy Cereals: Full disclosure that I make a little money off them if you click my link but I LOVE THIS COMPANY & the idea of being able to make up your own special mix from 100+ choices! You can also buy gift certificates from their site for friends, family & coworkers!



  1. I saw a segment on Fox News yesterday in the AM on jobs for women where you can work at home.


  2. I use Bob’s Redmill products a lot. They are a GF savior.


  3. I can sympathize with being tired. I have been feeling exhausted lately.


  4. REST UP FRIEND!! I know it’s hard. Praying for job and rest for you, mentally. Hugs!


  5. Abby – love their products!


  6. Lori – I know you have per your posts – hugs!


  7. Ha! You’re worrying about my sleep, but it sounds like you need it too.

    Speaking of lack of sleep, those energy shots sound interesting. Love that they’re vegan!


  8. Debbie – I want to try them.. they do sound good!


  9. I love mixmyown and you know i’m a huge fan of Designerwhey 😉
    I know what it’s like to be both mentally and physically tired – you are in my thoughts and prayers. Huge hugs to you!!!


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