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Friday March 21, 2014


Every time I post post workout pump pictures on Instagram, I always get tons of comments on my biceps. This makes me very happy because biceps used to be my worst body part when I was younger PLUS my muscle insertion & belly is short so I have to work very hard for what I get. Some people have that full muscle belly all the way to the elbow – not me.

So what do I do to work my biceps. I do work them twice per week.

Let me just outline the exercises I do every week & then other ones I rotate in on a revolving basis. As you know, I like to mix it up!

The exercises below I do EVERY weeknot necessarily every workout but every week. I find these basics are what really has helped me improve my biceps. This works for me but it may not for you!

1. Standard DB curls & hammer curls – I do mine standing but you can do them seated. In order to improve, I start with the heaviest weight I can do with good form that usually gets me 4-5 reps & drop set from there either by 2.5 or 5 pounds per drop till I hit anywhere from 15-20 reps.

2. Seated Incline DB Curls & hammer curls– I tend to vary the incline a bit with each workout. Same rep range & drop set as above. You will need lighter weights for incline curls. PROPER FORM & don’t lift heavier than you can without proper form or you are going to injure yourself.

3. Standing Barbell curls – same as above – working to improve my biceps, I do the heaviest I can with proper form for 4-5 reps & drop from there.

4. Standing EZ curl bar curls – same as above

5. Preacher Curls either on a preacher curl machine, free weights with barbell, ez curl bar or DBs on the preacher curl bench. I also do them on the straight side of the preacher curl bench. I used to do these more when I was younger but now I find the exercises above work my biceps better BUT I still throw them in there each week. With free weights, I do hammer curls on the preacher curl bench too.

Exercises I rotate in other than the above ones:

1. Cable incline curls & hammer incline curls seated & standing. I have done a video on Instagram on the seated ones. I really love the feel of these!

2. Lying cable straight bar, ez curl bar or rope curls. You can do these lying on the floor by the cable machine OR on the seated row machine that is usually used for back.

3. Standing cable curls with bars above & rope hammer curls. I also use the long lat pull down bar that you would normally use for back to do this & #2 above. You can also take a D handle & do them 1 arm at a time.

4. Weight plate curls – mimics a hammer curl but with weight plates.

5. Spider Curls – See video for bar & DB variations

6. 21s – You can do with barbell, ez curl bar or DBs.

This is definitely not everything I do but gives you some ideas to work from in your own program.

The thing to remember is that we all have different body types & muscle belly insertions so what works for me may not be what is best for you. I had to do a lot of playing around with my workouts to find what worked best for me. I had people tell me that this or that exercise was the best one out there but it did not always work for me. FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! Saying that – I do stand by my top 5 to really help you build mass if that is what you are looking to do.

Also remember that you can do alternating curls, 1 arm at a time, both at the same time – mix it up! Doing 1 arm at a time will help make sure one arm is not stronger than the other.

Another thing I do is take a typical exercise that I do & find other ways to do it like DB curls with the cable, with weight plates, with kettlebells, with bands – think about how else you can do the exercise with the other equipment in the gym.

AND.. always get that mind muscle link & use proper form!

Hope you all liked this post – any questions?

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  1. you are SO fit!! my upper body is really weak, so i have to consciously work in exercises so i don’t neglect it!!


  2. Your biceps rock, so you’re doing something right! Thanks for the primer–I don’t mix things up as much as I should.


  3. That is a very serious program! Compared to your “novel,” I do the “Cliff notes” lol!


  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing Jody! I have oftener wondered how hard you were training your biceps to get such great size and separation.
    Me? I do a couple of biceps exercises twice a week. Not enough time in the week to devote to serious bi training!


  5. I am impressed! I barely do that many exercises for my whole body :-). No wonder you look so amazing.


  6. I like your method of just 4-5 at the heaviest weight you can for that and then drop-sets from there. I think that my problem is I never really push to my heaviest weight!


  7. I love hearing about your exercises! Thanks for sharing because your biceps do look amazing!


  8. Kim, being that I work out alone, I have to find ways to push past heavier weights safely.


  9. Kat, I love triceps too but they have been an easier body part for me BUT I still hit them hard cause I love it!


  10. Krysten, not strong, just work it to get muscles.


  11. Debbie – you are too funny! We just have different things we focus on.


  12. Tamara – you are a famous lady – I might cut back if I was as famous as you!


  13. Dr. J – you are too funny!!!!


  14. Thx Amanda!!! I bet you mix it up in your specialty stuff!


  15. Marcia – you are doing great!


  16. Itz – I really loved how you listened to your bod to do what was right for you – really!!!


  17. Your biceps are amazing! And I know you work for them! I’m going to add some of your exercises into my routine!


  18. Thx Andrea! Let me know how you like them!


  19. Love love love that bicep workout! And jealous (in a good way) of your biceps woot woot!


  20. Lori – HUGS!!!!!!!! You look awesome!


  21. Thx Annabel – I am old – learned from my mistakes!


  22. Mona – you are too sweet!!!!!!


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