Gratitude Monday & ExpoWest 2014; Happy Bday Time Again!


Monday March 10, 2014

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my oldest granddaughter!!! Today she is – wait, how old is she now – 15!!!!!! She is the oldest girl in the crazy kids group pic.  Isn’t she beautiful! Holy crap, where did the time go! So wish we were there to celebrate with her!!! Love & miss you & all the crazy kids & the parents too!

Before I start, very thankful for the below – I won the Blue Diamond nuts from Brooklynfitchick, Margo & I love me nuts & nut butters! The coffee from Funkygine an Instagram contest & very excited to try it! This mom is amazing & you moms need to check out her workouts using her kids as resistnce on Instagram!  Slap Nutrition sent me these samples & I can’t wait to try them! YAHOO!

On to ExpoWest 2014! I know many of you have seen some of myInstagram & Facebook pictures. This is a rehash of them & a couple more.  I am so behind in general from that & other things going on..  I also caught a cold from the hubby. Saturday night I was feeling pretty bad so I slept in Sunday – no run as listened to my bod – and hope to be back in the gym tomorrow for weights! Just a very leaky nose right now.

I will talk more about the products in depth as the days go on but want to show you pics first. I also had such a great time meeting people in person!!! The best part of course! 


Feedmeimcranky – Annabel!!!!

Alyssa from DoubleChinDiary & Lisa from Kettlebellbombshell!!

Alexandra & Kymberly from funandfit and Tiffany from Runninhhutch!

So much fun & very thankful for it all & meeting people in person! Just not too happy about the cold I got..

How was your weekend & what are you thankful for today!

Brand Love: Just ignore if not interested. 

1. Designer Whey Products – Full disclosure that I make a bit of money if you use my discount code ZDWHEY4 at online checkout for 20% off your total order – all products included and free shipping in continental US with orders of $50+! If you have a fit minded friend that loves their products, why not make up your own little gift cert, give it to them & let them know you will pay for it!

2. KnixWear. I am one of their “knixperts”.  You get 15% off your order by putting my code knixpert25 when ordering online. I have tested the gusset lined ones for stopping “crotch sweat” – THEY DO!!!  Wore them both days of show!

They now have a NEW CAMPAIGN on Indiegogo. It is their new FitKnix line!!!! SO EXCITING! You can click that link to see the video & learn/see more AND ORDER!  

FULL DISCLOSURE: TThe link is personalized for me so if people buy using my link, I get a LITTLE bit of money for all sales once my numbers reach a certain point. Would love you to help the company & me. I know you will love the undies!

3. MixMyOwn Healthy Cereals: Full disclosure that I make a little money off them if you click my link but I LOVE THIS COMPANY & the idea of being able to make up your own special mix from 100+ choices! You can also buy gift certificates from their site for friends, family & coworkers!

4. NEW Partnership! Silk Athlete: Line of 100% organic silk fitness apparel! Get 10% off your online orders with Discount Code silk-jody. This line feels amazing on, wicks sweat beautifully! There is no weighted silk, acid dyes, wild silk, silk noil etc. They don’t finish their products with anything. The garments are hand cut, individually, and sewn by hand, in an innovative production system- in a special purpose built sportswear factory. The factory is certified for low waste, energy efficient, responsible employer- with good inspection process by authorities. It can take 6 months to develop a color- some colors can’t be offered – for example white- given white is “made”- by coating the textile with a chemical. They don’t offer really deep colors that silk is renowned for as this requires acid. – I am in the capris, top & sports bra in 3rd row pic – very comfy all day long!



  1. Isn’t meeting virtual friends in person great?
    Glad you had a good time.


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