Koss FitSeries FitBuds & FitClips Review

Friday June 28, 2013

I mentioned reviewing these Koss Corporation FitSeries earbuds & earclips a while back. There was a slight "snag" that I will explain below BUT I am finally going to give you my opinion on these two options for listening to your music or podcasts or .. well, whatever you listen to when working out.

Per Koss, Key Features for the FitBuds:

          ●  Designed for Women. By Women. (THE Dara Torres helped with the design for women)

          ●  Sweat resistant

          ●  33 percent smaller than the average earbud

          ●  Ultra lightweight with extreme durability

          ●  Three cushion sizes: small, medium, large

          ●  Covered under the Limited Lifetime Warranty

Per Koss, Key Features for the FitClips:

          ●  Designed for Women. By Women.

          ●  Sweat resistant

          ●  Ultra lightweight

          ●  Extreme durability

          ●  Soft flexible clips

          ●  Three cushion sizes: small, medium, large

          ●  Covered under the Limited Lifetime Warranty

Both the FitBuds & the FitClips are $29.99 - a decent price for us regular folk! They both come in 5 cool colors! I always find it fun to have my earbuds and/or my shuffle in colors - I know it is not a huge deal breaker but it is fun!!! You can see above that I got purple fitbuds & yellow fitclips. There is also a lifetime warranty!

These buds & clips were made specifically to fit better in women's ears. We know that women tend to be smaller than men. The buds were made 33% smaller & there still are 3 size cushions to choose from like we normally get with other earbuds.

Per Koss: "Koss FitBuds & FitClips bring the Sound of Koss to listeners in the smallest earbuds Koss has ever created. The buds are only six millimeters in diameter, making them 33 percent smaller than the average Koss earbud. The elements are surrounded by a dual-injected, soft-rubberized housing intended to fit perfectly in the female ear. The FitBuds feature a sweat-resistant coating and come in five vibrant color options. Koss’ female designers teamed up with Dara Torres to help design the Fit Series. Torres, who is one of the most accomplished Olympians of all time, also claims the titles of busy mom, bestselling author, model and fitness enthusiast."


1. FitBuds: I was honestly skeptical of these claims when I first read about them so I was eager to try them. Here are pics proving I got my sweat on! WHY YES, I am wearing my love of all things YMX by Yellowman!


As you can see - I SWEAT!!!! No perspiring here - all out sweat baby! These buds DID stay put & if I took them out & put them back in, they stayed in there. I was very impressed with the fit! I wore the medium cushions - those worked best for my ears.

2. FitClips: So again, I was skeptical & had not worn the clip type earbuds for a long time for workouts until I got the Sony ones that I reviewed in a different post. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised on how well they fit & the clip did not bother my ear at all. In fact, that felt pretty good! Surprised me since I had this preconceived notion that clips would bother my ears. The one issue I had when I got these was they came with 2 larger cushions & one smaller cushion - NOT the middle cushion which is the right size for me. I tried both the large & small so I could at least test the clips so I know the clips felt fine & did not bother me at all. I was hoping to get a medium replacement cushion but did not so thus the delay of this review. I am assuming that if I had the medium cushion, they would work just as great as the earbuds so... I am saying both are a great fit for women's ears.

MY CONS - I had only one:

The cords/wires are way too long for me! You can see the length in one of the pics above. In fact, they were longer than my current earbuds NOT made for women. If Koss Corporation were to revamp these in the future, I would change the cord length OR make it so it is adjustable - that is a plus in my book!

For $29.99, I still think these are a great buy & fit in my ears without moving! They held up to sweat big time! In addition, you can use Use the code Fit4Life to get $5 off and free shipping.

DISCLAIMER: I received both these products free from Koss Corporation thru my affiliation with FitFluential. I did not receive any compensation beyond the product. My opinions are my own & were not influenced by any third party!

I have to add that I do love my wireless walkman MP3 player just for those NO cords to worry about get tangled up in everything. I use both it & the Koss FitBuds in the gym - the wireless for music & the Koss for listening to TV. The best of both worlds!


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