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Wednesday September 19, 2012


I have written tons of posts on my love of my Hoka OneOne running shoes! Here are just a couple of my posts: Post 1 & Post 2

I also wrote this in one of my other posts: It has been close to a year of wearing my Hoka OneOne shoes. About 3 months ago, my feet were feeling so good that I started to think about trying my leg workouts with just regular ole running shoes (the ones I bought & never used much because of this fat pad/balls of my feet issue). Sooooo, a couple weeks ago, I started to do my leg workouts in these regular running shoes. A year ago I could not even walk down the stairs without major pain. It hurt to walk on a carpet barefoot. It hurt just to go out and walk in any tennis or workout shoe before the Hoka OneOne shoes. I was at the point of not being able to exercise. Now almost a year later,  my feet have improved so much that I am wearing the regular running shoes to do my legs!!!  I can feel myself pushing thru the heels or toes or the full bottom of my feet. Course for me, it always comes down to being able to move so I was fine with wearing the Hoka shoes for legs. I will NOT ever go back from my Hoka OneOne shoes for cardio... and if the feet (the balls/fat pads) start giving me issues again, I will put those Hoka shoes right back on to do legs. For me, better to be able to do my workout then not! THX HOKA ONEONE & to Sheri who sent me their way!

Now you don't have to take just my word. 

1. My son-in- law started wearing them at least a year ago & he said he will never ever go back! He has tried some of his old running shoes out of curiosity & it is Hoka OneOne for him!

2. Read Sheri's story & how this helped her over come the neuropathy in her feet due to Type 1 diabetes.

3. AND Dr. J has now tried them out, really likes them & wrote a great post & review of the shoes HERE. PLEASE READ THIS POSTHokas Are Hokay! Dr. J Reviews the Hoka One One Running Shoes AS IT IS VERY DETAILED!!!!

4. From the Hoka OneOne FB pageHuge Congratulations to Rob Lea who became the Men's 30-34 World Champion at Ironman Vegas 70.3 this past weekend! What an amazing feat especially since just 17 months ago Rob was lying around with a broken back. "That last lap was not my fastest but I can tell you that last mile downhill was something I shouldn’t have been capable of. My Hoka’s carried me to a final mile in 5:21/mile pace!" Way to go, Rob! Go over there & check out the pic of this guy in such amazing shape!

NOW - all you minimalist runners out there, don't get all down on me. I am NOT telling people they should not wear what they want to wear to run!!! Just giving my opinion of my running shoes.

I am just providing an option to people that want to try a new running shoe OR have joint issues OR have feet issues. THESE SHOWS SAVED MY WORKOUT LIFE - NOT JUST MY RUNNING LIFE. I WAS HAVING TROUBLE JUST WALKING  as the paragraph at the beginning talked to & now I am kicking butt! Here is a pic of my shoes right now - well all the pics on this post are from the Hoka OneOne site. Mine a re a bit more used & dirty!

Have I convinced any of you to give them a try? I am telling you, every person that I know that wears these says they will never go back!


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