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Friday August 31, 2012

First off, a very very HAPPY BDAY to my dear friend Reid today! Most recent pic above from last August. He lives in Spain but is in China for a year for a job. I worked for him years ago & we stayed friends. Miss you!!!!

I saw these products below a while ago & just getting to write about them. Found them interesting & hope you do too!

1. The first one, Just Great Stuff Organic Powdered Peanut Butter, the alternative to PB2 is a newer product I saw on a local health food store shelf. It is more expensive but I was curious because it was organic & it used coconut sugar rather than regular sugar. Yes, sugar is sugar but "supposedly" coconut sugar has better properties. I leave this up to the food people in the know out there - let me hear your thoughts on this. Ingredients are Organic Peanuts, Organic Coconut Sugar*, Sea Salt. Nutritional stats are just about the same except 2g of sugar vs. 1g with PB2. They also have a chocolate PB version. I also see some other products I want to find & try too!!!

My thoughts - LOVED IT!!!! I actually like it better than PB2. Now to be fair, it has been a while since I had some PB2 but I recall needing to acquire a taste for it. Some how I did like this right away. Not sure if it is the coconut sugar that makes it taste a bit different. Now, I eat low sodium so it was a bit salty for me but I found that with PB2 as well... even though the sodium per serving is not that bad - it is a tad less for this product. Check out the site & here is their store finder. The store I got mine at was not even on there so maybe ask or look at your local store just in case it is there but not on their store finder.

I first saw these at Whole Foods. They were having a testing of them one day while I was browsing all the cool stuff there. I tasted the Spartos Sugar Free Grape + Lemonade and Jackfruit + Watermelon. Both were really good!!! I was pleasantly surprised. Each bottle has 2 servings so be aware of that. I would definitely buy again! They are on Twitter at @beSpartos.

There is a sugar version that would be good for my hubby or some of you that may prefer that for before your workout. 

I drank mine (sugar free) after and/or in the day. I really can't decide which flavor I liked best... maybe the grape one but both were good to me. The sugar free nutritional stats & ingredients below:


For those interested, here is the info for the sugar version below. As always, it is up to you what you decide to eat & drink. Again, 2 servings per bottle:


Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend & an extra day off for those of you that get that too! 

Don't forget that you still can get a 25% discount on Nutrex-Hawaii Spirulina  & Astaxanthin!!! See my post HERE to take advantage of this offer thru today. I am still loving these products!


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