Smart Choice Program Suspended; More Ab Moves; Vegetarian Stuff

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ah, another random post day from me & sharing things I saw out & about that I think you will find interesting. A couple ab/core videos that will work your abs in new ways, a link to information for you vegetarians out there & those that are not too... AND a big one.... that Smart Choice labeling program that the blogs bashed is being suspended! Why does that not surprise us!!! OK, her we go!

1. Smart Choices Labeling Program Suspended: "The program that includes nine major firms has been criticized for promoting foods such as Froot Loops and Cracker Jack as nutritional. The FDA says such labeling systems may be misleading consumers. Smart Choices -- which includes nine major companies, including Kellogg Co., Kraft Foods Inc. and General Mills Inc. -- has been harshly criticized for giving its green seal to processed foods high in sugar, such as Froot Loops cereal and Cracker Jack snack food."

You can read the full article at the link. I am sure this does not surprise many of us that thought many of the foods with this label were, shall we say, not such smart choices! There was plenty of "talk" on the blogs about this!!!! I am glad that this is happening because our children along with us get way too much misleading information as it is right now! AND, some people just take it as it is OK when it is not!

2. You want to see  more ab/core work to keep the bod guessing.... check out the two links below:
  • Ball Slap which I found on girlgetstrong. This move, again, is harder than it looks so try it out! It also works the inner thighs!!!!
  • Now, if you love to dance or you want a fun way to do abs/core & some cardio while you watch TV or work thru the commercials, check out Dr. Oz and Hip Hop abs!

3. Vegetarian Meals & Information:

  • Well, I caught the end of Oprah one day while I was doing some core work & she had a chef on that was famous for vegetarian dishes. On top of that, he was using something called Gardein which supposedly tastes just like chicken. Check out some of his vegetarian dishes at this Oprah link.
  • I also got this "interesting" recipe for Vegan Pumpkin Pie in my Care newsletter. I am not a vegan so I will leave it up to you vegans out there to let me know about this. The recipe is a bit complicated for me BUT I look for minimal ingredients & the extra easy recipes!  Some of you are much better in the kitchen than I!
OK, there are some random posts for the day! I really liked the ball slap. Give it a try! I am not the best hip hop person but I tried it & I could use that between commercials if need be OR to get my mind of some bad news on the TV!
Now, if any of you have tried Gardein, let me know cause I am really curious to know if it really tastes like chicken. Fill me in on the details!


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